June 3, 2021 ~ You Allowed This To Happen

Why was you quiet when I was being hurt by the Structure Of Reality the S.O.R. while I suffered You laughed ~~ Guess it WAS funny to see a human sacrificed for YOU, did it really benefit You in a meaningful manner??? ~~ I'm NOW taking MY LIFE back ( Interesting )

Torture has been performed on the innocent throughout the history of mankind ( were really not as "kind" as we could be )

I am going to share my very personal narrative with you beginning in 1975, it was a bitterly cold month of February and on the 4th was my 14th birthday of my life on YOUR planet, I spent a few incredible hours with my dad who had moved out of the house a few years earlier as he had 2 heart attacks and was shit scared ( we knew a lot less about hearts that we do now ), as we were saying good night in the driveway of the family home that I had only known, he said a line I had never heard him say to me before, that was " Son, I Love You " as he was not a man that did feelings often at all, and it sort of tripped me out but then we parted, the next few days were okay however a few days would pass and it was just a ordinary month and my kid sisters birthday was upcoming on the 19th and there was a good reason to be grateful and the 19th arrived and she got a call from dad around 8-9 pm and then we all went to bed, my kid sister who was now 12 and me and my mom

at around 11pm the phone rang in the house and my body froze and then we were in the dinning area and mom told us " your dad is dead ", longest night of my then short life

What do you do and say now~~ My Hero, Best Friend, and Role Model was gone

I should say that there is a very good reason for me doing this ( okay maybe a few )

1) as society seems to all know have been involved in the mental health industry ( mainly serving as a test subject, a guinea pig, for chemicals and more ) I have never been allowed a therapist since my return to your world from the 37 month exodus that I was subjected to where i was tested in various situations some that were more extreme than others ( But for 11-13 sessions [ hours ] with a Forensic Physiologist ) remember having a mental illness in Alberta is a crime as I was sent to FACS ( Forensic Assessment And Community Services ) for no crime that I was charged with I never went to court and yet I was sentenced to FACS as I am a mammal not a human being and ( THEY ) decide where, when, who and what the flesh of the mammal and the mind of the mammal they own goes, sees, hears, etc they decide what medications the mammal needs with no scientific tests ( as there are none ) the science of the mind is purely subjective and speculation based on the observer of the mammal not being aware of the sunny vacation, the reduced fees for seminars, air travel

And damn it we still in 2021 cant talk about this stuff ( or we fear and rightfully so as once they get you as Human you become Mammal Man pretty fast as

We have a PILL for that -- and This is YOUR / MY Mind on Their Chemistry as they can and do screw you up with this science of Lies ( Read Thomas Szasz book Psychiatry The Science of Lies ) here is the link https://amzn.to/3gaXVOX and I will make $0.20 on this if you buy it -- and you will see I am NOT as a screwy as you have been mislead into believing,

By the way Thomas Szasz was a psychiatrist who saw through the veil of the APA American Psychiatric Association, who creates mental illness for their friends at BIG PHARMA

Why can't I get a therapist ( Reason ) they screwed (and I am sorry for the use of that word) me over for decades and since ( THEY ) knew I had zero support from family or friends ( it is like I was bred for these damn experiments )

Which I am Going to call " The Alberta Agenda, And Protocol " A.A.A.P.

You set me up right from the get go and who did it serve Big Business, Big Government, and Big Pharma -- and of course the Alberta Association of Psychiatry & Nincompoops

A battery -- now I just don't want to continue---

I would hurt to many people -- so I am going to stay and suffer and write about the truly guilty in the cycle of life

We were ostracized after dad passed away --- fucken incredible to see so many people turn on MY family like we were guilty of some damn crime

Like what the hell -- I was 14 my sister was 12 and my mom had MS ( we didn't know as what we knew about MS in the 70's was, well just about zero compared to now

YOU have been testing me all my life and why?

What the hell am I, and who am I and "what is the point anyways"

YOU know were all seriously getting screwed over

Tell me what I am supposed to do?

MY medications stop ( all of them at 65 ) and I am 60 now -- the AISH stops at 65 and no one knows how I am going to survive ( so more stress about this shit )

And IF I kill myself to many people hurt -- can't win and I am so tired of all of this shit

OK I guess it is time --- For ( M.E. ) Monk Experiment and these are the RULES

Go MONK For Six Months

~ No Porn / Books ( one a month )

~ No Parties

~ Lift Heavy Shit

~ Stack The Cash

Watch My Life Change For The Better

By The Way today is Day o37

My porn / was books ( as many as I could buy ( not afford ) but buy as with Amazon Prime I was loading on the books

Last month was hard and I was NOT happy with the Book Rule

This month I invested in Amazon Unbound and its great as Jeff Bezos is incredible and some don't like him as he is uber rich

I have read the free sample they send me / you on Kindle ( new interface to I love it )

But the book, so far I have read about The Alexa developmental team and the engineers and scientists the algorithms that data they needed to feed the servers, to get it to work

This is the link https://amzn.to/3vO3hGw

Tell you one I love my dot as she is incredible around my place as she is smarter than me by far and I am glad she is on my team ( not like my doctors in the past ) [ more on that soon ]

I have also read about the Amazon Go stores all the way down to the German Commercial Ovens at $10,000 a pop

This is my book for June and I am very happy as I needed a book that I could feel a tiny part of

This is the link and again it is maybe $0.20 if you invest in it https://amzn.to/3vONMxL

Hey thank you as that almost gets me 1/2 a Doge Coin ( and with Crypto you can actually buy / invest in 1/2 )

Back to the Monk, No parties, well that somewhat ALL ended when I stopped drinking and that seems like a life time ago and it was -- 8 years 3, months and 19 days = 99 months & 19days -- 3,030 days. Without a drink.

It has been an incredible ride ( who does this stuff ) okay I know " schizophrenics " and you thought sane people could only stay sober

Try Christmas in a Homeless Shelter with 24 guys a drinking, 3 turtle chocolates and a bunch of guys with no where to go ( and I stayed sober ) what the hell am I trying to prove anyways, just that you should never put down a person because of the chapter you walked in on

3,030 days with no booze after 38 years of drinking

Go Figure eh'

next point in the M.E. = Lift the heavy shit

well I guess that dealing with all the pain I was intentional or otherwise put through as this all has become the really the damn heaviest thing I have ever done EVER had to do and I hope I do IT right and maybe fix a few injustices, for me and mainly for others

And I will get back to the heavy shit later -- I have to figure this all out as I was abused, tortured, humiliated, chemically altered ( sometimes as a punishment, kind of cool lets punish a sick person for being sick ) fuck / shit ( once upon a time I was somebody's son ) what kind of society are we really --- sorry I am hurting big time

POINT 4 -- and my favorite ( Stack the Cash )

Day 1 - I knew nothing about Cryptocurrency at all it was April 28, 2021 when the M.E. began and I was just hanging out on Instagram and trying to make new "friends" OK contacts and I was beginning to be approached my supposed ladies that were promising incredible things as one User name Lynn ( there is more but I don't need the grief by posting the rest of her "user name" ) told me she could get me $7340 in 5 days for an investment of $500 and I didn't even know it was USD for a few weeks anyways I didn't have even $500 sitting in my bank and I wasn't being paid for another few weeks June 1, 2021 as this started to get intense on May 5, 2021 when she had my give her my phone so we could talk privately on a app called WhatsApp ( ok I figured ) then I was getting close and she wanted a copy of my ID so she could open an account she said ( fool I am, however fool me once it on you fool me the second time its on me )

But I sent her a copy of my ID ( fully aware it was expired by 5 years ) lol -- there was a reason for this ( I just can't remember the reason )

She then " ordered " me to get new ID and we all just know I enjoy it when the girls " order " me around this was May 11, 2021 -- so I jumped and did it -- but this time I am fully aware, and there isn't a way on Earth that I am sending it to her again as her temperament started to show signs of scammer

She had already had me sell my 4 positions in the Stock Market ( was a little up ) NOT the point I listened again

On the May 17, 2021 I hook up to


and I start learning about this space as its free and they pay you in Tokens -- Ethereum, Ampl and iFarm all you do is read a posting and slide a bar and you earn Coins - kind of simple

The ID arrived on May 18, 2021 ( but I was short as ) $500 US is $610 CDN -- So we decided to do $250 USD to get me started and she is the genius here as she has me got to a Crypto Exchange called XCOINS and get ready -- I am on my laptop and I get her Bitcoin BTC, address and we begin ---and then before it could go through IQ dude here who just gave away $250 USD to a 20 long digit and letter address on a wallet somewhere on Planet Earth -- I couldn't load my ID and she was getting pissed -- then I hit the chat button on the XCOINS site and dude came on that attempted in vain to get my ID loaded and registered, then he asked " was this you wallet address " and I don't know shit -- remember I don't ever

do this before in this life.

So Chris cancels the transaction and I get a notice $309.62 is back in my bank

Next day May 19, 2021 at 7pm I buy my First BTC - Bitcoins for $50 to see ifs I knows what i is doing

Now 15 days later I am a believer as this is incredible as hell, and I picked a week with the sky falling to learn and I am still up some 146% APY ( Annual Percentage Yield ) does your bank do this?

Mine don't it gives me 0.05% on my savings account and when inflation is 2.7% well I think you can see a problem

Hey how would you like some POP -- actually its a token and I found another site that you can earn fee crypto for, signing in, lifting a lid on a treasure chest and watching videos ( kind of cool eh? ) cos.tv the invitation code is GLFTU

Happy POP ing ( don't do that with pills )

Still investing in Dividend stocks a few a month as I work on increasing the cash flow of my kingdom

And non-of this stuff should be taken as investment advise as do you research, study and find a group of people you can trust ( wish I had that last part, but people think I have lost it)

Thank YOU

Lucien and the store is coming soon

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