June 3, 2021 ~~ BULLIES PART THREE

I was going to quit but then I thought try to tell someone in power, and Denise at 811 Edmonton started in on me too then pulls a power shot and hangs up POWER and BULLY is Health Care In ALBERTA ~~ Systemic Bullies sorta BS backwards ~~ Wow so I can put in a complaint in Against a Mental Health Worker but it gets reviewed by AHS ( Alberta Health Services ) where I have been abused, tortured, mentally, physically, chemically and hell they are Doctors Trust Us -- Last time I trusted a doctor I ended up taking up space in a COVID Unit in a Major Alberta Hospital for Christmas 2020 and I didn't even have a signal symptom [ but they took my Christmas away ] and I got the intense pleasure of a stick being shoved up my nose and into my damn brain 3 x in 6 or 7 days

That goes along with the 10 ISOLATION'S and a total of 9 nose sticks as if I needed this shit as this is abuse as I didn't have a signal symptom ( that was 100 days of Quarantine ) and I never had The COVID BUG all the tests they put me through were negative


Well that doctor that had her resident lock me up, fired my ass on December 10, 2020 as I missed a weekly session and the reason I lost Christmas was I found a better doctor in three days on December 13, 2020, and guess how many sticks up my nose into my damn brain I have since then a big ZERO as I didn't need a doctor weekly but she needed the billing hours for herself and her dear clinic

Weird this ( or ) this is good I got a referral to a exercise specialist who in the first few minutes of our first visit on February 10, 2021 after I wrote myself off as dead as I was a physical mess as I couldn't walk 3 blocks no more and I used to walk 9-16 km

He told me what was wrong and that 80% of people my age have this issue and that is why they don't walk 9-16 km a day ( issue is a curved spine ) solution a few exercises and now I do about 2-3 km a day ( some days a little more some less ) specialist wants 5,000 steps

and its doable

Oh BTW my new doctor that treats me great has seen me 5-6 x since December 13, 2020 almost 6 months proving to much doctoring can make you ( OK ME ) sick and I am cross a alley from so I could see him daily

People have been BULLYING ME since DAD passed in 1975 as I was alone and I still am however I decided over the last few days of incredible sadness and pain from the realization that I was abused all my adult life after standing up for the Joe and Jane Worker of Alberta that have a chance to be injured and sent away to the Governments WCB Rehabilitation Center that a kid shut down with the truth


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