June 3, 2021~A Star Is Born Circa 2016 AHE by Knighten

Amusement for my keepers ---20 months of life gone to the system plus a further 17 gone by the wayside, the time it takes for a high school diploma and the kids had summers off I had no such event

This is what $1,200,000 gets you as I gave up 20 months of my time on Earth in AHE = Alberta Hospital Edmonton to be chemically neutered and totally destroyed. The Social Worker sent me along with the doctor out of town where I wouldn't bother no one ever again and then I did yet another 11 months in a house of horrors as it was a damn nightmare and truth be told no one every thought I would be seen again as that was the plan drug the hell out of me so I even couldn't remember my name it was horrific and she ( the Commandant Florence Arnold ) tormented me and one of my cell unit buddies went missing in the middle of a night the next day his cell was cleaned out to the floor

Thanks to the team of specialists they can keep writing paper to hold a person forever even and this is hard to do, as when one is way out -- and you don't get a box

I had to been orally raped by having 22 teeth yanked out of my mouth ( no freezing ) no shit people this is comedy for these people as abuse is easy as this is why and what they do once your a slave in a mental health system and I have no idea if David Lakoski got a kick back for

Product Placement ( I was only a product ) and I was designed to be abused as the whole experiment was about that

It is all pouring back and I am so alone again in my head as whatever I did I was once a human and not a test tube to have any chemical a specialist thought was a choice to see the outcome of experiment X 001

I am and was not a bad person as I once worked and even paid property taxes when I owned a house with the wife and step kid I once had parents, and a family with a kid sister

Today I am sober for 3,030 days = 99 months and 19 days ( 100 months soon ) and I am out on the streets attempting to make people happy as I do what I have been doing for a long while

Then -- I have a hard time trusting I hope all this soul searching I have to do helps someone out there

Cause I am entering a place of pain I have NEVER in all my days upon your Earth felt, it is amazing as to how much a mind and body can be messed with -- without the end being set upon it

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