June 6, 2021~ Bullies In Mental Health My Long Road Home

Once upon a time along, long time ago I was not as strong and I was easily pushed around and treated like a piece of poo as I am now:-- Coming Back To Life Pink Floyd ~

In the last few days I have had to go back in time and relive so many horrors that for some crazy reason they Mental Health System ( AHS ) Mental Health System took so much away from me as I was forced to sit in a ice bath night in a unit that " THEY " would shut down soon after I past through as it was HELL the Unit was 9 - B - South at AHE -- Alberta Hospital Edmonton the year was 1987 the year I took on the Workers Compensation Board in Alberta and I would win -- go figure a skinny, drunk, stoned kid 26 years years old taking out a system of the Government ( okay they were at arms length ) they still had OVERSIGHT from a Elected Minister of the Government a Mr. Jim Dinning ( and I just looked this up as I wanted to spell his name right, out of respect ) as he was the Minister Responsible for The WCB in 1987 but he was only elected in 1986 and I flipped at him as the shit hit the proverbial fan in 1987 after I had my claim stopped as according to the then Adjudicator Mr Loren Bullion I was Psychiatricically Unfit to ever work again ( that is a very long time ) and I was very impressionable and these were people I had respect for as they had JOBS and I was also kind of stoned and drunk consistently ( they didn't offer me treatment through out well ever ) as I had to do it myself just like Personal Mental Health

Guess what I would figure out a JOB does not equate into respect that I should have for a "fool" and a "foolish" system.

I would advise them that month that they started a war and I was not about to go down with out a incredible battle and I told them that they used a

Broken Traction Unit and I was ripped apart ( like a rack in the medieval days ) pulled me so hard I went from riding my mountain bike from Jasper Place to way on The South Side up the hill overlooking Mayfair Park ( oh shit I just aged myself ) well I don't care as I am a ICS and I am 60 and I am proud of all of that

ICS = Italian -- Catholic -- Schizophrenic and I aged not so bad at 60 I sill walk 3-5 Km a day everyday as the Mad Hatter Experience here in " MY " town of Edmonton Alberta Canada ( and there is yet another three things I am very proud of ) hell I am a very proud person and back to the impending WAR that they started even the shrink I thought I could trust turned out that she was doing double time on my working to help me ( NOPE ) she was getting paid

Right Dr. Patrica Simmonds you took from both ends as when they offered you money to give them what they wanted on me you ratted me out for money

NO Damn CLASS ---- Dr Simmonds but you said something in the report to the BOARD as I wasn't dealing with a ordinary appeal when it would be granted as I would have to go before Mr. Kenny ( boy ) Pals and his team from the executive offices who had their minds as to the conclusion long before the appeal was given I was to be


You played that card Kenny ( boy ) and I would have to show you a few card tricks of my own as I knew in my HEART that Traction Unit was broken ( fool you had time to get a lackey to pull it out of your facility and destroy )

BUT -- You snoozed Kenny ( boy ) and man were you in for a rude awakening coming soon to a Office in the building with the WCB EXE team

Haha I was born to Raise A Little Hell

Okay I was CREATED / DESIGNED in the House of Edgar Paul and Jean Elizabeth Faciote to RAISE a Massive amount of HELL and expose the


And Kenny ( boy ) You were about to find out that the


Will set you FREE ( now it was written also that the bigger the fish ) the BIGGER the FISH FRY

I will continue this more tomorrow as I feel like a meal as my food came today and yes I am on AISH and I get my food delivered ( why not as I buy less as I am not in the store and it is $4.95 for delivery and they bring my boxes up to the door ) thank YOU Save On Foods ( Mayfield )

Stop The Madness as a Mental Health worker pushed me around tonight fully aware of the shit week I have dealing with all the abuses and punishments and tortures that the system put me through and once again it was Mr Ralph at Access 24 / 7 who thinks because he works in Mental Health he is BETTER than a client ( any client ) but when this goes on and on and seems systemic it needs to be addressed as BULLYING is against the LAW and Ralphy you are NOT above the LAW because you were / are on the PACT Team ( you can still be charged ) and you keep pushing me and brother I WILL


don't PHUCK with me Ralphy


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