June 8, 2021 ~ The 98% Of The Population Of North America ~ Rules We Need To Re-Think

So why can't we talk about how much we make at work?

Like who say's what kind of Bull is this as they divide us in the place we spend 1 / 3 of our adult lives in the

Work "space" don't mingle and don't talk about money in any way shape or form

Divide and Conquer they have with us and we say " NOTHING " as fear is the card they use to enslave us as

What the heck is going on a 98% of the population of North America get up at 5-6 am and work 8 hours for 40 to 50 years for 10 year possibly of freedoms ( hopefully ) as we trade our very existence for the possibility of that 10 years ( and some are not healthy at the later part of their lives ) from a lack of exercise, poor habits, and poor food choices and so many, many peoples are truly unhappy as so many people popping the antidepressants like "Prozac, Zoloft, seriquil " to name but a tiny sampling of them

And I was written of as " insane " and maybe I am as " I see dead people " all over the damn place

what is it that we are doing to ourselves were killing ourselves and each other for pieces of paper with dead notables on them

Watched a stunning video series about the banking industry at positivemoney.org I promise you " NEED " to understand why we are as we are as a people / species

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