June 9, 2021 ~ 125 Days At 60 Years Young

This is one of the Culture People Associates - Project that I launched a few weeks ago and placed for sale as NFT's ( Non Fungible Tokens ) at the website www.rarible.com/drhatterz check them out and let me know what you think and take one home with you

I am struggling currently due to the Mental Health Challenges I face and today a wise man I know told me something that hit home in a most excellent way he said " Become Your Own Therapist " AK-39 ~ Thank You bro

It was pure Genius as I have been feel quiet down over the last week plus and my friends, the EPS, Access 24 / 7, my trusted team of advisors all have been doing so much to help me out

I am still standing ( therefor I am winning )

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