June 9, 2021 ~ Dr Hatter'Z ~ HAT " It's All In The Hat"

this was taken when I was just figuring this all out ( and I will be forever ) as I move more and more into the Digital Age ( a kind of new renascence ) for my mind, and my body I speaking of

Mind & Body just found a great set of books ( and books are my weakness ) since I own no Televison and no longer subsribe to Netflix

Anyways the books are a two pack called

Mind Is Your Business and Body The Greatest Gadget by Sadhguru the link is at


Mine still have to arrive tomorrow and I am so very excited as this will allow me to understand me and my relationship to the world more I just started the Audio book a few days ago called

NFT: The Ultimate Guide to Invest in Non-Fungible-Tokens and Create You Digital Assets with Crypto Collectibles Art + NFT Virtual Real Estate


This was the final push that got me to thinking I could actually do this and now I have 7 NFT's on Rarible/OpenSeas

My store name is www,rarible.com/drhatterz

Check it and take a piece home with you

As for the Hat it is also going to be available as a Digital Asset / Collectible coming soon

Have a great day

Lucien aka The Mad Hatter Experience

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