K60 -- 163

Still in the triple digits as we fly into a new world that you young kids couldn't have seen coming

So you need to book (no more books) as MY TEAM has cut me off (yes i still have access to NEW books and material via KINDLE UNLIMITED (K.U.) and all the freebie stuff I find)

Yesterday I scored a book on Neuroplasticity and one on Meditation and 2 on COVID (you know this freak show COVID) has irrorated me nah she has out rights PISSED ME OFF

i wonder

what are you reading -- share here

We need a fund as I need too see where i am going as how the hell will I know if I get there if I can't see where I am

why not send a few bucks e-tranist at lucien@madhatterexperience.com (CIBC)

i would be very grateful and it could fund a bit of the reality I allow you in to see of my little life

and see you at the M.H.E. party February 7, 2021 its $28 and it is 7 courses and I the remarkable Mad Hatter will be there

and you will smile promise

does anyone have a clue as to where I hid not one but two pairs of prescription eye wear send a note OK

and I already looked on top of my head (twice) second time I caught a rodent, kidding but it could happen and hell it sounds funny

smile please


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