Kidnapped 2,123 days ago from in front of my building / tower

Hard to think back to that September 4th, 2013 morning as it was a blur around me and my head as everything started spinning a few months before on February 15, 2013 when i would attempt something that had never ever been attempted never mind succeeded at in the brief history of the Faciote Family (I was sober, and clean) both at the same time and i had just finished a walk that on a virtual map with a pedometer and honesty had walked around the province of Alberta 2x in 160 days (one lap was 1122km) it was an organized walk by a Primary Care Network the walk was called the Rocky Mountain Trek and it had 592 participants in it and it ran from March 27, to June 5, 2013

I was going to finish 6th of 592 and i was very unhappy as it was the first thing i was somewhat good at -- my Coach and Friend (C) said its great as your in the top 1% wasn't good enough and i having it would turn out had / have an addictive personality type

So I pulled a Forest Gump and couldn't stop walking sometimes walking into the wee hours of the night -- the people around me were getting worried and it all came to a head on that morning of September 4, 2013 some 201 days into what would up till now be my sobriety (it still stands and is somewhat solid at 6 years 5 months and afew days) when my best friend was forced to act, in my best interests, as i was off pretty much all my medications and flying on neurochemicals higher than a kite flown by Ben Franklin on a good lightening storm kind of day

"I changed the way I looked at the world, and the world changed" Lucien Faciote October issue of press

stay tunes, / tuned for more on the kidnapping and crazy shit I got into as I locked my home door at 730am September 4, 2013 and just never went home again, no packing no carry on just the clothes on my back to meet with the management of the home I had lived in for 2+ years-- just was kidnapped and taken away in a cage on wheels listening to "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd as we entered the homeless area of my town (this was about to become a dream within a dream, within eternity itself)

Then the "drama" (series of exciting events) Oxford Compact Dictionary --- began, as we pulled into the busiest metropolitan hospital in the City and entered the check in and waiting area which was barren of people, not one single person waiting --in the busiest hospital in the city (a drama set) as --

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