late night menace and I am screwed

The pain is a brutal mess all over my body this evening -- looking out at the world and thinking well Hailey didn't call Vanessa forgot - Mel is out there somewhere (hiding) Kim is attempting to stop smoking smokes (the wrongway)

Why these girls / Ladies (like me) is way beyond means I need to be awake 5-530 am for my 4th M&M breakdown to Open my Head

1011pm = 11th Day of my Contract

This began when I became a SLAVE to the OSG of Key' Lo IV back in a E.R.C. MXD 22 cell when I was allowed in a quick 88 days to ....

Re0Think-Re-Programmed -- Re - De-signed a life

How many days does it take to fix / save a (human) that was obvious broken by a system that over saw his care and up bringing and failed this young man before he had a chance at life itself

what if he was willing after all the pain you puut him through still to suffer the ultimate pain the loss of his life

How many . Girls '/ Ladies do you think it would take to give Lucien the life he has never ever dreamed about before cost a year $100 and 365 girls / ladies


Deal is you Order

`1 - Skip The Dishes meal to bat central a day /(MY PENTHOUSE////0)

We set this as all up so you all get a Tax Receipt and you are assured I will eat 1x a day

time to think I guess


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