Loneliness As A Mental Health Issue - It Is One Of Mine - How About You?

First we shame it, by denial of "reality" saying weird stuff like "I don't mind being alone" Bull-crap we all hate it as the Human Being s a Social Critter (ok) Animal

Then again in the age of the Social Stigma having anything to do with a Mental Health Issue is an Issue in and of itself (right?)

So we hide

Except I cant hide (have you seen my Hat?)

It is seriously difficult to hide under it as its 18 inches tall and the brightest green yet

Page 12


and the top left corner (might not be the "Rolling Stone" but its the Cover of The Rat Creek Press) and as of today this idea (show has only been up and running since September 12, 2017 some-- 1 year, 11 months, 28 days soon to be 2 years since I picked up the idea to make you all happy in your skins, and minds /brains as I enter as Key' Lo and The Mind Parasites Group L.L.P. -- "Once were in. were never coming out"

Look for our disk coming next spring sometimes called "No Excuses & No Alibis" N.E.N.A. this should be fun (Mad Hatter Loves Fun)

Do You?

Did you smile?

Brilliant hey?

And we hear that a short Video is in the making and maybe a series as I have some thoughts as to how to do a self correct on our planet

So loneliness -- lets try this as I am seeking someone to hang out with as a good friend for coffee / cinema /concerts - food (once I get my teeth back, at months end) September 2019 , and projects to create income streams (can never have enough of these) So

Here is my add, and lets see what trouble we can get into together


Energetic, Compassionate, Kind, Creative, Understanding guy looking forward to spending sometime at a coffee house with a Vibrant – Powerhouse – Source of Energy who has a take charge attitude and knows what she wants and needs to do a few things on this dot we call home while she is here

Call if you are crazy enough to take a chance that could pay off in the long term as

Hey I am trainable. ask my TEAMS – as I just serve now, as my mission in life is to “Serve Humanity, and The Holy Father and Son” through “good works” in the Global Community of Earth, and Locally so

Let’s play, as recess was always my favorite subject after I dropped out, to drop in

send my a note and lets annihilate loneliness from our side of planet to begin with



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