Lost & Found -- I AM HERE -- Finally

I got lost in my life at the young age of 14, (my birthday was a few days before I would lose my way on this big dot we all call HOME)

Met MYSELF a few days ago when I got sober, as it is amazing what a drug we take all for granted can actually Block Out

It was 6 years, 6 months, 21 days or 2393 days ago seems like another time altogether as how can I be sober considering what I "NEEDED" to be tested under

Took multiple doctors (Mental Health) to find and save me as when I say I was lost in August / September 2013 (I kid you not)

Cummings, Murrow, Froliesh were the first (but this was all By Society Design Inc. Plans. As they knew the exact processes that were going to be needed,

It took JCF showing up and weaseling his way in, took Birdie and wife, took guy on the antique scooter (disable) [who had just won a free year rent playing monopoly with Giants] showing up

Took Sam and his teams (thanks bro)

Took Karen and a notion of her son

Took, Tyler, Jess, Kimberly, violet, Ashley, Donna and the rest of us crazy's

Took Rene at Shelter watching over me at night:

Took various agents at ERC

Took Aaron and Rob, at 3/7

Took Violet at 10/1 getting me off the unit to 10/1-a

Took Dr Lisa for her ultimate "trust" and setting me free

Took Dr SaL 10/2 for teaching me how to Pee -lol

Took Dr Farah F for belief and her generosity in glass wear

Took Dr Winkler well for just being there (hope)

Took the Knight for his artist rendition of me in 2016 before the Mad Hatter Experience unfolded in Town

Took David L for the time he spared and found

Took Dr P, & Lindsey

Took My Current TEAMS from all manners of treatment

Took My Current TEAMS from all manners of treatment

Took the City, Province ,Country and all the people in them this was a evasive "joint" (not that kind) effort

Took EPS

Took EMS

Took Station 5

Took Pat Hart for belief in a recent unproven kid

Took Little Italy

Took the Cafe '

Took Dr (plastic)

Took Dr (Wound and Infections)

Took YOU

Took Faith in the Unseen and Unfelt

Took Belief


Took Jesus, Mohamed, Zoroaster , Buddha , Shiva and all the deities from Heaven and Earth

Took GOD

I am very blessed to know you all

I once was lost but now I am found


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