Mad Hatter Seeks a Mistress (applications taken here)

I have been thinking about this for a while as The Mistress of The Mad Hatter could be a fun role

Looking for a Disabled / Abled Relationship Experiment / a D.A.R.E.

D = Me -- A= You

a car would be nice, as I am already tired of the "Masking Of The Mad Hatter" on Public Transportation along with the other Masked People

weed smoker (at blue moons would be fine)or not at all this is a give and take issue

prefer not drinking (or social) I can't, as I have major issues I have ok I am a alcoholic and one drink would kill me

smoking cigarettes' NOPES

Maybe a Marketing Degree (Think) M.H.E. (MadHatterExperience)

Two Feet *one for the left & one for the right*

Likes Shoes as Much as Me

Likes Kids (as I can't seem to grow up)

Book Lover I have a Library of 1000 plus should be intellectually driven post secondary educated or working on it ideal for a student as a part time gig

Music Lover / Concerts

Movies into maybe'?

Self Assured / Dominant / Controlling

Can Calm Me Down

Likely Owns A Business or Two

Laughs at me and my silly jokes and stuff (Hey I Wear a Green Hat)\

Uses The 5 C's or Understands Them

High Personal Values




Likes Serious FOOD

Loves too PLAY in the KINGDOM of The Mad Hatter and to enjoy The Experience

Remembers This Life Is Supposed To Be Fun as we all Get Boxed at the END

An Remember You Know Way More About Me Than I You

Find me here, find me there hell find me everywhere I am The Mad Hatter

do i dare do I care, do you love me in the state I endear

My name is Lucien as was my Grand Fathers on my Dads side he played wit/h Heavy Metal, (Bass) I plays the Synthesizer

what do you play?

Remember Reality is 99.99% Mental

And its Better to get screwed Mentally than Physically

I don't need much


baby I need you

the NeXT Question is

Do You Need me Too?

IAM Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote / Facciotti II

and its K60 - 170 (code for my birthday)

Are You Coming to it as here is the lunch

It is $28 and If you like me you can buy

Hey sweetheart I am going to be 60 years old

and this is day 6 of my DEEP I.S.O.

Thank you for listening

God Bless All Of You

They call Me Key Lo the Golden Pharaoh = K60

Send me a note, I don't have a cell phone yet =- so email @

You should know a bit about tech as I need lessons (In lots of the Arts)

IAM Going to go stand by the Peaceful Waters now so till later enjoy your night

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