Making Earth More User Friendly One Smile At A Time

The hand symbol I do, means " I Love You " in ASL an I am so very grateful for all the world in which I am " allowed " to be alive in and the love you give me so freely

This blog renewal is later June 16, 2021 and I need to find $125 USD = $150.87 CAD so I can do this again as this project is a cost when one lives below the poverty line the

I am hoping to launch a clothing / merchandise line soon but everything hinges upon revenue as it is going to be a tough June 2021 as was May

I need $58 USD = $70 CAD a month for the system to start the merch line every month and I am hoping I can earn that in a month I also have to have interim monies to cover stock as this is all new to me:

I need to sort out the groceries this next month it is going to be tough

I really need a couple boxes large Ziploc freezer bags enough for my 6kg of chicken breasts that I was given for 24,000 points at my green grocer last weekend

You know I know that with God on my side all things are possible as some how I WILL get this projects organized

Thank you and if can spare a buck or two send me a DM

My month is 30 days and my exercise specialist wants me to do 5,000 steps a day so YOU all will be seeing more of me

Thank YOU All

Lets make Earth more USER Friendly

Blessings and I am at

Lucien aka The Mad Hatter Experience

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