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March 15, 2022:~ The Truth Of My Medicine the Power And The Client ~ SHOPPERS DRUGS ~ Vs Mad Hatter

Oh shit they truth is that BIG PHARMA ( Shoppers / The Real Canadian Superstore / Loblaws ) and this is the MOST Insane thing that I Really Have Experienced EVER an I have been ( thanks to the LONG DRAWEN ) out history of the system PUSHING THEIR CHEMISTRY on my as I AM OWNED by The Doctors, The Drugstores, The Government and Ultimately Big Pharma --- They Have OWNED ME Since 1985 when I was REALLY Normal I would just DRINK ( shame ) and Get HIGH on Weeds ( Shame Again Right ) and I never ever had a SMOKE Until They LOCKED ME UP in a MENTAL HOSPITAL for the FIRST TIME ( what would be the point of smoking something I was not going to GET HIGH ON was my thinking ( hey but you started smoking in 1987 in a MENTAL HOSPITAL " Right " Yup and then I QUIT on December 11, 2007 and haven't had a smoke since OK

The last two days / nights have been insane ( as the DRUGSTORE / Shoppers ) was supposed to remover a PILL the Zyprexa as This Little White Pill Knocks the shit out of me, and the Doctor only needed to be called to get this right

And they added a pill however using THEIR OWN Dr Wong ( who is not my doctor and, I found out is a Druggist working at Shoppers -- to pad the BILLINGS as Real Doctors prescribed 40mg a day and they are filling 80mg so I asked Peter for a bottle With a Label to put the Extra Tablets in -- And I Get a Bottle of MORE PILLS of this sort ) and no one bats an EYE

As this is a DRUGSTORE and they are aware ( and know what I need ) I have maybe talked Dr Eddie Wong maybe one time as all the talks went through a Pharma TECH named Peter

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