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March 16, 2022:~ To The Girl With The Pink / Purple Hair That Crossed The Path Of MHE -- Email Me

Last night I was going through some of my Old Dusty Memory Files, and I swear that I wrote about YOU as this was just to trippy to met you today as YOU are Incredibly Beautiful and I would love to take you for a coffee ( when I come again into a bank card ) you I have a world to show you -- some of this shit will blow you away --

N ( the name remains unknown ) as I look forward to hearing from YOU

And in the mean time HAVE A BRILLIANT DAY

SMILE as Maybe-- as what if the GOD did this as I have dreamed of the Girl in The PINK / PURPLe hair since, 2013

I am going to get a bag off OREO's Now maybe as the piece of shit Apple Phone that THEY are running is the worst thing ever as i now THINK I Needs a NEW ONE

Apple 13 Pro -- lets do this as it is a apart of The ER --Earth Revolution Response and I can do $ 100 - $ 120 a month

Purple call

Thank ya ALL -- Lets ATTEMPT To Keep Our Democracy's--

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