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March 16, 2022:~ Today I Sign Off For The Last Time As The Pain in MY BODY IS BAD I AM Sorry

I am no longer able to continue anymore as I once was Over Medicate last night, and once again it falls on ME -- as I took it ( Yah I Did But Why Was IT Even In The Blister Pack ) As I have asked my Doctor and I just Moved My Drug Account around to two drugstores and they did NOT Fix It

You see the Mental Health System MHS is very weird as they First Apply A Label ( and it does not need to be the right one or not ) as if they KILL YOU well oh well we will take what happened annd try to not repeat ... and then they do as once you enter the DOOR of " The Asylum On The 5TH " as YOU become PROPERTY --You Give Up Rights To Your Body & Your Mind and The STATE Owns It --

And they or no one TELLS YOU THIS BEFORE ... Now they can Drug YOU, Shock YOU, Lock YOU Down In A Cell as long as THEY Chose .... YOU No Longer Count --- All You Do Is Exsist in a strange world of drugs that are brought on STREAM to NOT HELP YOU but to Create Dividends For The Stakeholders / Shareholders ... YOU Now Are A Thing An Experiment as I was told by a Complete Stranger that I call The Girl In The Purple Hair ( Violet ) whom I was to meet one day as she Called Me " You Are My Favorite Experiment "

You know I gave UP MY LIFE some 51 years ago when I was Severely Traumatized as a very young child

I would lose my dad a short few years later , when I was 14 and I now all alone on Planet Earth it was 1975 - February the 19th and My Little Sisters birthday ( Go Figure ) Cause I never could as how could this happen and on that day

Tonight I am sitting here wondering what the Hell Happened -- You know I was never really able to think ( the drugs to block my pain ) from my Dad passing away

The Beers began the decent into a world I never knew existed and then I would finally discover The Working Machine - It Grinds You Up, and it keeps you trapped as it will suck everything you have and are and gives you a check of which 20 -45 % goes to THEM ( and this is why we are trained and conditioned in the

Conditioning and Training Centers that we entered as very young humans and most of the stuff we will not really use .. but this is not for you it is for THEM as You Are Being Trained To Be A Slave a Monkey and they will take from you whatever they wish ( everything )

But it would --- take me a whole lifetime to see what the ( * S.O.R. * ) = Structure Of Reality has done to me and what is happening as a result of Drugs ( 1978 - 2006 weeds then stopped till I was CUT OPEN Viciously when I was told / lied to that I had a bedsore on October 15, 2018, basically during some weird sexual assault experience in my Family Doctors Office by her Resident - ( Dr BR / Name With held for now) ..this supposed Bedsore that I supposedly had was never hurting and was not bothering me in anyway at all .. But They The Resident and My Doctor ( GS ) once again name withheld ( for now ) sent me to "treatment" on October 25, 2018 and I was sent for massive blood work as soon as I could get it done --I went that day as on October 16, 2018 I received a call from my Doctor ( GS ) saying go to the Hospital ASAP as my CK Levels were very elevated at 2100 -- I had zero idea as to what CK Levels were, but it seemed important ..and I she seems..she was tripping and she ( GS ) had never called me before for anything beside a missed appointment or something minor but this seemed different as she said all I had to do when I arrived was go to the DESK and the stuff was all taken care of and they would help me asap

So I dress up as the Mad Hatter Experience and head out as I decide to walk as I thought was actually going to die and I was very scared .. I walk and show up there and go to the desk, and I say what I was told to say by ( GS ) and I am immediately ushered into the back area ( treatment areas ) and an IV was hooked up and a saline solution thing was started to bring the levels down they also took BLOOD

I then was told the blood work came back at 2,195 and it 200 - 395 U/L and at this point as this was found out going to the MAYO Clinic web site ... and Now I Was a bit SCARED

The second bag was almost done and they took another blood test

It would come back at 1301 and this is not the first weird thing that has happened to me as this was the EXACT NUMBER of The Apartment I was renting before I was KIDNAPPED and Sent In To EXILE for Being Sick ( and being short of $ 500 in my rent ) in my best friends apartment tower --

I am it feels NEVER EVER Going Home


In Fact I will likely DIE before I go Home as I want to lead my People Home, as I have been in PRISON EDMONTON since 1978 as a 17 year old KID knowing NO ONE and Pretty Much now still KNOWING NO ONE as I changed a Habit or Two

So I have now been in this City that seems to like the Show that I put on But Not Enough to send a few dollars a month as they THINK THAT SINCE I GET AISH I HAVE MONEY - And I do for the Basics as MY INCOME According to my T5007 is just under $ 20,000 ( and I don't get much more) Medicines yup BUT They MADE Me INTO a Mental Patient so That They

( The Doctors, The Blue cross,, The Druggists , Big Pharma and The GOVERNMENT ) could " MAKE BANK " too,

Off me a cash cow -- and I was 4-5 Illnesses that it took to arrive at today and this PTSD thing that only begun on June 22, 2021 ( just 267 days ago ) a very very short period to developer the " coping skills / the understanding of Trauma " / dealing with the pain and the Abuse and actual Torture ( yup Torture in Alberta against a Visible Minority ) The Mad Hatter Experience has been WOUNDED & Very Bad -- Some of the PAIN & Suffering I was made to endure was painful and I now feel like there is no point -- and I do know spend a lot of money --

Canada was squeezed last week for 200 M and today USA Gives in on $800 M

You know this is 1000 M = 1 Billion 2 weeks what a great hustle as this whole fucken distraction IS SEEING THE Middle Class getting FUCKED OVER and soon will be attempting to feed our kids and you won't be able as THEY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT IF YOUR KID STARVES THEY ENJOY YOUR PAIN AS A RESULT

This is what that fucken NETFLIX Binges gets you


Realty Swirl ( a MIND FUCK ) and the FUCKED YOU -- NICE eh?

I am done

I have done 61 on this SLAVE PLANET as this is all great as


FUCK They Got and it wasn't even HaRD - oN

Have a great day

They GOT YOU lol

Then again the FREEDOMCONVOY was a warning for you as you still have NO IDEA what is the deal with what is LEFT that THEY OWN YOU 100% USDA SHEEPLE



They TOOK MY SISTER AWAY when I was 15 / 16 and Now I see what they did to my family after my dad passed away



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