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March 23, 2022:~ Revelation Time ~ What The Fuck Do YOU THINK About? Getting FUCKED By the System?

Do you not think maybe YOU Were Conditioned Right from the Get Go when you seen mom and dad leave for the Wheel and they dropped you off from 7-6 at The CENTER for people YOU NOW are told you NEEDS to like even when they STEAL YOUR SHIT -- The Big people got it back ... when mom shows up she looks TIRED from the place that SHE Was Conditioned to go to with 4 Years of some shit so she could do some shit ( even when you hear some times say her MASTER / she calls him BOSS is a PRICK ) but yet she fucken drops me 5 days a week at this CENTER for TINY PEOPLE

YOU wonder because now you are spending 250 days at The Center for Tiny People and it is weird as is like your learning and seeing these Tiny People more than your mom, and dad ...oh shit Silly Billy took MY SHIT again

You see I was EXCLUDED from all the Damn BULLSHIT that you all now have to put YOURSELVES through and YOUR Children will most likely get on the same path as you are on

Then, --- one day you see something see in the MIRROR OF THE SELF and you are about to

Alter the ENTIRE Planet as The Fucken Damn Planet Is A Con Game and OUR Leaders are Corrupt .. Pretty Much All of them as the TRAINED the Majority of People not to GIVE A Shit ...

This is total SHIT as the SYSTEM FUCKS me for 39 YEARS --- I Gets Rapes my a Catholic -- Priest when I am a Fucken Child and This is NOW what I GET

As this all fucken JOKE as The CHURCH ---- They HIDE This Shit and OWN EVERYTHING in The Edmonton SHEEPLE PEOPLE Containment Cage

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