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March 23, 2022:~ Today I Am & Happy To Announce The Formation Of @FacciottiMedia ( FM Group )

Okay I realized that the Experiment On My BRAIN & MIND & BODY That has gone on for 39 YEARS has to be at LEAST TWEETED about The Experiment-- Labeled Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote / Facciotti II ---was a FAILURE as it took them all this time ( The Alberta Government from 1983 ( 1987 ) and The Holy Roman Catholic Church ( 1968 -1969 ) as The damn Church Well The HURT me when I was a wee little boy, and this destroyed my Family as my Father could no longer even " LOOK A ME AGAIN " as I was his Pride and JOY the GOLDEN ONE and he was my SUPERMAN and MY HERO .. this fucked up everything as my Mom And Dad used to go out dinning and dancing every weekend as the worked hard all week I had no one at all after that and I mean NO ONE till the Lady with a Masters in Psychology entered my world Zara and she was at the time Working For Alberta Mental Health & Addiction ( whom had me on a program ) I was allowed to make 4 calls in ( But Zero between Midnight and 6am ) and I would receive 1 call from a supervisor ( Usually Zara who was my case manger an Jeff )

And Zara got into my Head / my mind and helped me deal with things that began with the Diagnoses of PTSD on June 22, 2022 ---and a new phase opened

Then on March 20, 2022 they shut it down and now I can NO LONGER Get Therapy IN ALBERTA --- Fitting Get in MY HEAD and THEN DESTROY ME

This shit in Alberta under whatever party the people put in power have been LIED To extensively -- and you even know it and they are lying to YOU ( cop out line, there is nothing I can do ) YOU Vote ( and they even have you believe that your VOTE Counts YOU ARE their SUBJECT in THEIR PLANTATION ) and They Own YOU, They Own Your Home, They Own Your Children --- And They Own YOUR SCHOOLS .. the thing is when you tell PEOPLE that THEY HAVE BECOME SLAVES -- well they LOCK YOU UP and THEY DRUG YOU INTO A STATE were you (as a guy ) can no longer piss in the bowl -- and then they OWN YOU

For me they tried to get me to shut up and so a Dr Thaker and the Social Worker / Therapist CHAR --( out of Stony Plain Alberta ) get me so stoned and really I had no control to nail that damn Porcine Monkey -- and the ability to think is done it is mush and they make you take the pills day in and day out until the big day for me arrived on June 22, 2016 and I was driven to the SET of Torture and Pain and I was made to sit in the DENTIST CHAIR and then the TORTURER Enters --- Dr Alla DeKterov straight out of Belarus which was a part of Russia and the leader has been in Power for 28 years and They Are Helping Russia with the war on the Ukraine ----- But when she walks down the corridor with her 5 inch spiked heels with the distinct clop clop

The she enters the Chamber of HELL as MY Punishment for JUST EXISTING is about to start and she " COMMANDS " " do not scream as their are CHILDREN In the Clinic " there to witness the HELL I was about to Endure

OPEN YOUR MOUTH --- I OBEY ---with ZERO FREEZING AT ALL -- I open my mouth for this AGENT of The Government and the teeth are YANKED OUT -- One by One with every movement designed to cause me the MOST PAIN SHE COULD POSSIBLY INFLICT and blood the TEETH are BAGGED so I can Have a Souvenir and Maybe as a REMINDER to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT

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