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March 25,2022:~ The Digital Mistress of The Mad Hatter Experience ~ Who Will She Be ?

You see over these last few months this world has become a FUCKEN NIGHTMARE and I finally SEE A LARGER GROUP of HUMANS WAKING UP then EVER Before as we are realizing that we are all getting FUCKED OVER -- By THE BIGS, which are BIG BANKS, BIG PHARMA, The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX , BIG TECH, GOVERNMENTS, BLACKROCK, VANGUARD, STATE STREET --- And they will be HOLDING Their Annual Meetup at DAVOS Switzerland On May 22, 2022 --- And guess what YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED IN even thou YOU are why THEY MEET ( they want all that YOU HAVE as )

" You Will Own Nothing & You Will Be Happy " WEF = World Economic Forum and your OWNERSHIP GROUP will be HEADED By A Guy A Guy that Wrote a bunch of Books the one that interested me was out just after The COVID 19 Attack came at Humanity

COVID -19 - : The GREAT RESET it came out JUST AS COVID 19 Arrived ( think that he knew something ) oh BTW his Klaus Schwab ---

The Great Narrative -: For A Better Future -- Also by The Same Guy

This is about to be the end of FREEDOM -- OURS

Unless well it is - we likely do NO LONGER Have Much Of A Chance

The War that we are Witnessing was planned years ago and now a lot of the Western Governments ( Think The NATO Alliance ) are dropping massive amounts on Familiar Spending to

So we have a GOVERNMENT Here In Alberta that has been able to abuse / drug & over use of Chemical Weapon ( injected into my body and forced by pills for decades ) and Torture where I had to endure a AGENT of The State -- Alberta being paid to forcibly yank 22 teeth out of MY MOUTH in 1 Session -- WITH ZERO FREEZING -- Remember if The Nazi's did this against the Jews in Auschwitz it would be seen as a ( WAR CRIME )

But the FACT that the said state claimed that I had / have a MENTAL ILLNESS does this them Giver The STATE of Alberta Canada the RIGHT TO CAUSE -- INCREDIBLE PAIN & SUFFERING -- all for the REASON that I was a MENTAL PATIENT and this then OPENS that DOORS for TORTURING any person that the STATE DEEMS NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON --- What CRIME was I CHARGED with and when was I in a COURT OF LAW to answer to these HEINOUS CHARGES as they would likely need to DRAMATIC to REMOVE MY TEETH as WE ALL NEED TEETH To Chew OUR Foods ( now i ear a lot of peanut butter and Ensures [ a meal replacement drink ] as I can't CHEW and YOUR GOVERNMENT DID THIS --- >

So I was --- >

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