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March 26, 2022:This Is A Strange Piece For Me As Abe Freed The Slaves And I Want To Be Controlled

This was my LAST DAY for The Silent Treatment from Elvis, Bobby and the LAST DAY for AK to abuse me as just like I one day old a LONG TERM Doctor I had that had me trapped on Methadone and he said on April 16, 2010 that I was going to be his SLAVE for a very long time, and I that split second just SNAPPED and changed the COURSE of The LIGHTS History as I freaked I could NOT believe that he actually said that I said that I was NOT HIS Slave and the ONLY Person I was GOING to Be A Slave to was MY MISTRESS and that She Had Yet to Be Located --- it then to me 6 months 24 days = 207 days to get clean and it was HELL for most of it -- The Mind Can Do Anything --

And now that I am also SOBER for 9 Years 1 Months and 11 Days I am finally ready to embark on my BIGGEST FEAR / Goal yet that of Discovering the Right Girl / Lady to Star in The Role of The Mistress Of The Mad Hatter Experience of Canada & The Earth as I will make people smile in more Countries 51 so far and more Cities 551 as I am planning on Taking this FREAK SHOW of The Mad Hatter Experience " DrHatterZ " and The Mind Parasites on the road across the planet to screw with " The Minds Across The Globe Tour " and Our Bands ( Rubber )

Night All

` Tomorrow I Ride on My Boots From The Talented " 3 n'Z and Son'Z " and for all that got caught up in my two week path of INSANITY ( blame PUTIN )

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