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March 26, 2022:~ The World Of The Mad Hatter Experience ~ And The Soul Of The Last Faciote Alive

My life & My World was planned and designed a very, very long time before I was even designed in Italy and then in Algeria and In Austria as the Holy Roman Catholic Church has long aware of the NAME = Facciotti as it was and then my dad was separated from his Brothers and Sisters and I my Aunties and my Uncles ( Including My God Father George Faccioti ) who would at one time be married to the last Home Room Teacher that I had Sister Lori Garrity who helped immensely to keep me in a school desk a V J Maloney School, and it was hard as I was working at Pro Western Plastics, going to school, paying for the stuff for the house ( direct to my mom ) call it rent I guess, and getting my ass kicked daily by a psychopath boyfriend who came into the picture around 1976 and all hell broke loose, I would lose my Kid Sister as the Government stepped in and tried to save our asses ( my sister & me ) I would keep going back time after time -- as this WAS the HOME MY DAD had BUILT for HIS Family ( and maybe I was just to damn stupid) I would even run away at one stage to Kelowna BC to my Dad's Sister Aunties Giesland Stang went for a few months went back in just in time for some more beatings and the sale of the HOUSE one day as this would have to be my first and last try that I purposely would do LSD and when I walked in USING MY KEY I found new furniture and a bunch of new people and this was about to start a bad trip that would become my life as all my shit ( that they wanted me to have -- so much of my memory of my life went to the land fill my neighbors told me as I had stuff in the next door ( # 42 ) Garage and I was to begin my life o my own in a tent trailer in ( # 40 Gresham Blvd ) Tent Trailer over looking everything I knew -- my mom's and my dad's along with my dreams for me and my kid sister were all there right outside the place I was supposed to try and sleep overlooking my HOME

This was to be my LAST HOME Until a Friend of Mine Mr Sam Kolias allowed me a place in one of his Apartments in his buildings ( I had talked to Sam since 1999 and he bought the building where I was married ( a sham marriage ) that she used me to gain Canadian Citizenship *(but I would not know this for a few years)* and so the Last Building I lived in on my own like this was in 2011 to 2013 and it felt like HOME and it was the first place since 1978 that ever felt this way EVER .. and I blew it as the Medicine my " Book End* Psychiatrists were screwing my mind / brain with caught up with me

I my file was transferred from Dr Otto Cadsky in 2006 when he TOLD me a few weeks (like 2-3 ) after my Marriage had ended that he was retiring

Which it would turn out to be a BOLD FACED Lie -- as I would create a large group of SOURCES within AHS / Alberta Health Services / Mental Health & Addictions and he would actually retire on

December 31, 20021 ( just last year )

So they FUCKED with me on the DARK SIDE of Mental Health All that TIME as a GAME and I was FUCKED with ( this is a SICK thing to DO TO A HUMAN BEING ) as I was TREATED as a CRIMINAL for nothing and DRUGGED to The POINT I COULD NO LONGER even PEE into a Toilet Bowl ( and was retrained by Dr Sasali at 10 / 2 AHE the last time I was there in 2016 ) but when they had me DRUGGED LIKE this I was taken to a dentist and sat in a chair to have 22 TEETH YANKED OUT OF MY MOUTH WITH ZERO FREEZING and EVEN being DENIED the RIGHT TO SCREAM -- She Dr ALLA said that there were children in her clinic and that she did not want to scare them-- SO I WAS MADE TO SUFFER LIKE NO MAN ANY DOCTOR I ASKED would be asked to suffer -- it was 45 minutes of HELL for NO REASON other THAN MY SUFFERING






And this has been going on all my damn life

Now that I see what YOU all have done to me ever since 1969 ( RAPE ) till now as awhile back a girl walking down the street and darting into the Building Owned by The Guy That Was Whacked ( KILLED / By Guns and Bullets ) she called Me

" You are my FAVORITE Experiment " ( she had purple hair ) all that I recall

I have been Medically Experimented on My Whole Life ... and maybe before this as I remember my mom saying that she and a good friend used to go to the Catholic Church everyday to have a SON For Edgar ( my Dad ) and they tried for a very, very long long time too --

It would need to wait till after My Dad's Dad would pass away in 1960 as I would inherit his forst name and my dads first

So I would become Lucien ( after grandpa ) Jean ( after mom ) Edgar ( my dad ) Faciote ( all alone since 1975 ) II ( after GRANDPA )

So the circle was complete --- and WHAT AM I ?

Guess what YOU really, do NOT actually want to know

This the way it is NOW --- One ONLY Lucien I ( Grandpa ) Italy-- Edgar ( Dad ) Algeria

Lucien II = Canada

We went from

Black Smith = Lucien I

Plastering / Stucco = Edgar

Lucien II = Digital Asset Dealer

So Edgar was The Son And The Father of The LIGHT

Now I needs me a Girl that Control Herself & Me to talk the Job of

Mistress of The Mad Hatter Experience = DrHatterZ -- Running --

If you want to see if this is you I need a meeting at the Italian Center Cafe -- for a Coffee ( or what you take ) and you are BUYING --- Just a Coffer Black

Send me a note --

If ya think ya can fix me --- or even bring a little sanity to -- My Insanity -- Then Coffee might be fun --ya think ?

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