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March 29, 2022:~ Which One WILL YOU BE ? You Will Be One? ( What Did You Do GOOD ) Church Right ?

Great and by a real stroke of damn bad LUCK my Mom & Dad only wanting to give their Children ( Me & My Sister ) a better LIFE & World choose a Catholic Church Owned TOWN and They EVEN OWNED the KIDS --

YOU See for me the CHURCH Turned into a Pretty Bad NIGHTMARE ( Pretty BAD ) I say as when I am done with this morning I am GOING TO BE DEAD

And if YOU ARE A CATHOLIC which I AM / WAS I have no damn IDEA right NOW as since June 6, 2022 ( after working with my Psychiatrist to be allowed to actually see a REAL BLUE SKY again ) maybe for the very first time in my life since THE STATE TOOK OVER MY LIFE AS A ( OWNED PIECE OF PROPERTY ) I had to take anything that THE STATE OF EDMONTON, ALBERTA , CANADA began their EXPERIMENTS on MY BODY & MIND I have health Issues that, have had -- I have CUT OPEN - for a CHUNK of MY LUNG and abused while in the Royal Alex Hospital system between March 28, 2012 to April 3, 2012 when I was released after this I realized that I had weird memories of ROOMS in the Basement ( this is the Sub-Basement ) I was fucked by unknown participants and when I was back in a room a big orderly entered my room with a piece of paper that had a NAME & Phone Number on it the Name was SAM and I was having a hard time placing the name until I called the number and it was a good friend who I had to this point NEVER Spoken to even though I had know him since December 22, 1999 when me and a lady ( I will call South African= S.A. + and Kid ) were expedited via citizenship and immigration as, I was so drugged up at this period that SA had convinced me she LOVED Me and wanted to spend some time with me ( we were Married on April 7, 1999 by Judge Dick Fowler -- and this would take yet another BOOK to talk about the WAS of The Faciotes and The Fowler Regime a whole book --- oh her and her child who in MOST Immigration's are GRATEFUL the KID IS NOW ON WELFARE ( I raised a kid that society I guess owes a living ) FOR THIS I AM SO VERY SORRY as she ended the Relationship just 9 days before that they became citizens ) screwed everyone and destroyed me ( I had shit again ) and then all she took she gave away and she fought with me over the shit to hurt me once and then gave it away to HURT me for the second time these two are just PURE EVIL -- EVIL

I in Grade 5 was RAPED by a Damn Priest after my DAD went To The Principals OFFICE Because a Teacher ABUSED ME IN CLASS -- And Being MY DAD He went Off The Deep End ( really off the DEEP END ) and I was also in his line of FIRE within the next while the world I knew where I was a TOP STUDENT was BLOWN away I was sliced OPEN on MY LEG just rolling over on GRASS ( Lawn ) at a Birthday Party needing Stitches -- I somehow ended up in a Confessional Booth Brought into the School Gym ( and I was forced to CONFESS my SINS ) I am ( NOT KIDDING YOU ) and I have no idea as to what SINS that I had at this age ( but the CATHOLIC GIRLS in Grade 5 were into Bondage and I was a participant not by choice at the start ) -- Could have been this

The fact is that the WHOLE SYSTEM IN This City that I made Happy for the " LAST FOUR PLUS YEARS and this INSANE Province that just punished every person in Alberta by ended the Cost of Living Raise as that the POOR on AISH also have to deal with as were already living below the POVERTY LINE and then since even my SISTER a Banking Official at the University can't BORROW me a MERE $ 60 and neither can any one of my friends as they for some fucken strange reasoning of logic think

That the POOR somehow do not get hit with the INFLATION at 7.9 %

They know but along with a Lawyer = Elvis who said he would help me out if I could get clean and stay off the WEEDS even though he knows that it is safer than the FUCKEN drugs that the COMPANIES that HE HAS HIS MONEY IN on The Stock Board as I won't smoke ( but you YOU HAVE TO KNOW )

That in HIS EYES I AM A FUCKEN FAILURE as I have had 3 ( Yes 3 ) Joints since July 27, 2020 and I have had so much pain that my Medical ( Physical ) team would rather just shovel the PILLS at me as they CLINIC

Makes money two times also as the DOCTOR who would put his hands on me or the tools of the way doctors work when I presented with CHEST PAINS when I was right in front f HIM

And then HIS BUDDIES Just own the HALL ( yah in their same MONEY PRINTING BUILDING ) that is all good and LEGAL as this GOVERNMENT COVERS IT ALL

The PILLS ARE GOOD OK ...... But NO WEEDS ( as this is harder for the rich to benefit from )

Now I am taking 12 Imovane ( Sleeping Pills ) and I hope to the GOD that ELVIS Makes Money on With a PHONY CHARITY for the PEOPLE IN THIS COMMUNITY but LEGAL on PAPER that USES JESUS CHRIST for a TAX WRITE OFF




I don't even get a fucken grave as I will BURNT to shit and tossed into the nightly TRASH

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