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March 31, 2022:~ Okay The Joke Is UP ~ I KNOW That I AM INSANE ! ( OKAY ) You Should Of Told Me!!

Okay YOU KNEW in 1987 when YOU stopped my CLAIM on WCB but even when you TOLD ME in the FILE that I now received 2022 = 35 LONG YEARS --- HoLY SH&t how the hell was I supposed to even get a wee bit more and more DRUGS and we need to MEDICATE The Crazy's that YOU FIND in THE BIBLE OF " SILLINESS " that society seems to think they know what to do with THE CRAZY PEEPS ( and then ONE DAY VERY SOON THEY LOOK IN A MIRROR of the DSM -- 5 and finally THEY FIND THEMSELVES ) and as soon as you as a society apply a LABEL on anything and then GET the VERY RESULTS That you made the medicines for LIKE -- who the hell walks around for 4.5 YEARS (not Months but DAMN YEARS ) In a GREAT BIG GREEN ( not red , but GREEN ) up and down a street with NO NAME ( YET ) -- and wears a trench coat, coke bottle shades and carries a damn stick and a new item the BAG---- Like Interesting IS IT KNOT

Welcome to MY NIGHTMARE -- as it basically started when I went to work and hurt my back in a Grocery Warehouse--- and what happened rapidly after that the life went into OPIATES --- This was a 25 Year Issue from March 15. 1985 to November 9, 2022

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