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May 1, 2022:~ Welcome To The Earth Revolution, The Only Solution For The Earth Pollution !!

The Mad Hatter Experience is Back On The Feet's And I still can no longer a walk worth shit -- YET -- Practice Makes Perfect ( who wants to walk a Mad Hatter Experience ) only a Very Limited Engagement on the Streets of Edmonton's Pavement, Should The Hatter Experience be placed on some weird form of " ALLOWANCE " ( Cheap Like Whens I Was A Child's ) --

Managed 2.8 km today and the pain is magnificent again as it shoots into the tights from my hips, into the back of the calves and tonight i have eit also into the palm of my feet's

Have had a decent day as the New Friend( S) are Praying things for me and GOOD THINGS as I never planned a 2.8 km today as all I wanted was a Garbage toss and a attempt to the 4 flight of stairs

It is now May 3,2022 at 1005am I took pills a while ago and that may have been a day or so ago as Iam only running from the pain now

And There iS no escape NO MORE

I may write one more TIME

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