May 29, 2021 ~Schizoaffective Disorder & The Block Chain

For decades now I wished that I could help people that were being affected by a Mental Health Challenge of any shape form or other

Mental health needs to be decentralized as the Mental Health Business is just that BIG and I mean VERY BIG business as this is a weird place as I find me to be as I was first diagnosed in 1985 by a doctor that got into my head and then sold me out to an insurance company for you got it MONEY a damn kick back as I was a 26 year old KID fighting a multi billion dollar insurance company run at "arms length" by the Government of the day

I remember by memory a line or two of her report that was meant to tack me to a cross she stated " Lucien was a rebel with no cause and now you have given him a cause it is ( now on you )" thank doctor -- I was 26 years young and my life was to change totally as a result of the encounter with Mr Kenneth Pals and his silly ass wipes that actually thought I wasn't at all resourceful -- I would cause a legit public inquiry into treatment at their Rehab center and it would need to be shuttered as it was HELL and we as a working people HAD to go or they cut our benefits off ( tortured me )

Go look find a good librarian at the EPL and look for between April and October 1987 Edmonton Journal

What the hell I have to save you all so many times at great costs to myself ( God made me expendable a very long time before I was even born ) cards baby cards

However the year was 1987 and I was a kid fighting lawyers and CEO and Vice Presidents, and Ministers Of The Government and my Punishment still was a coming and if I could only get the WCB ( OK there I said it ) File on my "claim" with all the dirty crap they attempted to get me to kill myself - like the pressured my adjudicator after I pretty much with one letter from my destroyed the top of their bullet proof SOR ( a term I coined for that ) it means ( Structure Of Reality )

That incredible Claims Adjudicator was a Mr Bill Williams and the pressure that "the SOR" must of placed on him after the shit hit the fan must of been incredible as he was a great human as after The SOR locked in 9 B South on the Forever Pass he would bring me a burger and a box of smokes on a daily basis ( Incredible as he knew I got screwed ) and this has to be talked of ---- one night after my 6 months in the Misercordia after my suicide attempt that put me in a coma for a while and I needed to learn to walk again ( hey that was the only way out of HELL = 9 B South for me as they were stripping me of everything they took my ability to manage my money away and gave it to the Public Trustee a Leslie Hill who conveniently didn't pay the phone bill ( he knew I was not getting out ) they gave me a pill on a weekend pass no food no money and a large white pill and I trusted ( naive as shit ) I took it and started to hallucinate and had no phone to call for help I over dosed as I couldn't go back as it was the worst place I ever was in ( the place was shuttered soon after I went through I had to suffer for my crime ( I stopped Albertan workers from being tortured ) crime

Bill would go home one day kill his wife then he called his daughter over killed her and then he killed himself ( fucken great system we had ) Torture / Stress / Pressure / False Lockups

I have now been in the Mental Health Industry for 36 years I been there and have the shirts / casstes and 8 tracks -- yup I have been there

This is why this Blog is a good tool for me as I haven't had counseling but for a few sessions in the whole 36 years ( go figure ) Fuck It --- I don't qualify

It was all scripted my entire life after I injured my low back filling a 1800 plus case order for a Superstore that was a new thing in town and it was a really insane time to be a warehouse worker a "picker " a order assembler for Galen Weston ( RIP ) Galen you used me as a human battery and when I went to work that evening shift on March 15, 1985 and at 330pm I was on a life change path

It got me here today -- I needed all I received good / and mostly bad

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