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May 3, 2022~I AM Tired Of People Being On Me To Make Everyone Happy As Do You Know How Hard This Is?

It is like daily when I put the Green Hat on and Grab my Coat and Staff it becomes MY JOB to may the WORLD HAPPY even when I am suffering and in pain as my feelings and emotions no longer count and this has been going on for a very, very long time and I am really in PAIN and I am SUFFERING as I need to take 6-8 pain killers to just get out of the bed and now more to get dressed and out my front door to make YOU / PEOPLE Happy again like I could in 2019 before I was chopped up like a Christmas Chcken ( on my ass ) for a BEDSORE that the DOCTORS Created to make extra dollars for them ( and when people arund me say

" Your in Canada !! Don't you have FREE HEALTH CARE - Yup but The Surgery Suite and the Docs and the tools and equipment, and the brave nurses all have to be funded " and Health Care in my Province ( Alberta ) is a ( in 2020 -2021 = 37 BILLION ) and this has to be spent or the FUNDING goes down the next year

So the SYSTEM needs to devise ways of spending that 37 Billion Dollars in 12 months / 365 days and if Chopping MY Ass up like left over Christmas Dinner adds one line to the EXPENSE Column this is a good thing ( maybe not for me ) but for--- Bob the Accountant that tracks Chicken Surgery Ass Cutting on The Computer as it is all accounted for when I went to the the Hospital I had a nasty wound and I needed a HILL ROM ( Air Bed ) and this thing was $ 150 a day and I was there from March 11, 2019 to April 27 , 2019 and this is 47 days x $ 150 = $ 7,050 for a bed to sleep on and then there was the WoundVac at $125 x 30 days = $3,750 for a piece of equipment I was made to wear 24 hours a day that only took off mm's from the Size of the Wound ( then the Medicines ) from pain killers, to the antibiotics of which I had two ( 2 ) -- One Oral - Pill Form and the Second IV and Dr King was Giddy when I asked her what she picked as she stated " I picked it all myself " she has a very cute smile when she is Giddy like a little School Girl

Before the Hospitalization I was walking 9 -16 KM a day and now on a VERY GOOD DAY I get 4 KM and this is a great day ( and then I do not get to walk for a few days after as it totals my hips, low back, legs, and calves ( in other words I am SCREWED and I can no longer bend over even at home as when I do some times I can't get me back up on my feets

Today I was trying so very,very hard to have a GREAT day as when I was Sent to Bed by a friend ( V ) it was around 730pm I took my medicines and a sleeper ( Imovane x 1 =7.5mg ) and when I woke at 430AM I was in trouble as I hurt so bad that it took 1.5-- 1.75 hours to go to the bathroom from the BED ( which was just once again reset up by a few members of the Emergency Teams that were out a few days earlier as I have / had a bed and I was on a SOFA as a Direct Order from a Female Doc that was worried as my Heart beats 39--44 BPM and she wanted me on a Recliner and so it was done ( thank you GS ) but I lost strength and I had no way to knock the sofa / recliner down and lay the bed back down

I just do not want to hurt no more as pain is bad but with PTSD / ( ???? ) some other form of Mental Health Challenge

It becomes to much, but after I did what I did at 430am I went back to bed as I thought the pain might be better in a few HOURS

Fu&CKEN Wrong again as it was worse and I struggled again at 9AM and it was 1030Am when I was finally able to call for my medicines ( daily ) and I would not get them until 11am and then it was short and 1 wrong kind ( not this way always but I only want to stop the pain and the pickup door is down 4 flights of stairs and when I saw the ERRORS I lost it as it was horrible as I had no energy to do the stairs again ( so I / we did the key toss ) off the balcony to the druggist and he brings them up

I took a bunch and waited to have them kick in and I took care of a few courses that I am taking on Crypto / Coding ( and NFT / BLOCKCHAINS ) as I really start to become alive when I work on the course stuff ( I had to save my money for this all as I have been losing the ) Mad Hatter Experience ( foot section ) so it has to become more mental

Then I went to the store to call a friend and then for a Coffee / Banana ( really a Banana ) and then I took my already sore body to the EXRAY Place for a Shot of my Chest as they now think I have water in my lungs ( from a ER Visit a few weeks ago )

Then I was signing in and I asked the wonderful young lady at the sign in window if she wanted me to SING MY HEALTH CARE NUMBER FOR HER and she giggled like a little school girl as NO ONE EVER did this before and I am so much in PAIN I need to attempt to Re-Trigger this out again and I don't need much no more at all

Wish that This All Was a Damn DREAM as there are to many multiple horror shows occurring all at once right now and there is no stopping as the White LIGHT vs the Black Light are about to go off and humanity is is for a very, very bad trip that we have never seen before

This was me before you rescued me and if you know me send me a brief note and I will save up some money for a Coffee ( or ) Tea

But Fu&K does I haz a headache rights now

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