May 31, 2021 ~ The Mental Health Industrial Industry System

The Mental Health Industrial Industry System starts up innocently enough as you are are an introvert, depressed, girl friend / boy friend left you innocently and they have access to a dynamo label machine ADHD, BPD, SAD, PTSD, Schizophrenia, and a catch all Bipolar and the variants of all these and then they break it down it sub groups etc

The CLUSTERS show up for their sake ( this stuff isn't much benifical for the client except for excuses from reality )

I was wrote off as a 26 year old it was April 3, 1987 and a letter from my WCB Claims Adjudicator arrived at a new apartment I moved into on April 1, 1987 after getting the boot from the previous dwelling APT I rented for years for ( suffocating the carpet ) as Einstein in 1987 wanted to grow his own weed lol so I invested in Hydroponics ( it wasn't as good as they are now and also it was still a damn crime) and hell I had laid a plastic tarp down with a 2x4 border as who knew you could suffocate a carpet ( ITS ALIVE ) lol it has been a long run since all this began as in that letter I was told I was

Psychiatrically Unstable and Would Never ( W.O.R.K. ) again second part was right however NEVER is a really damn long time

I stopped torture in a facility run by the Provincial Governments ( at arms length system ) I had to be punished as I was a whistle blower in a audaciously manor as I took the damn system don to its knees -- damn did I pay for opening of the mouth

I pissed the Minster off, who had to call a public inquiry as the letter I retrieved from a meeting with my then current Adjudicator ( I was assigned a new one after I started a one man protest )

And now we go again and this kid will show very little fear

This is all done in meetings, with people that don't live the lives of those that suffer

I have been asking for help for a long period of time and since March 6, 2019 I have had but 11-13 sessions with a therapist ( mental health therapist ) not the main doctor as this is wrong as I am being made to feel I am wrong / I am alone and that I don't count and one thing my DAD taught me in the short time we had together was resourcefulness and I now am GOING to higher up than I ever have as enough is enough as shit I did 20 long months in AHE ( Alberta Hospital Edmonton ) for crimes I didn't actually commit unless being "unwell" is a reason to hold someone as you can't find him a decent place to call his home and if one does the math 20 months x 30 days = 600 days @ $2,000 a day = $1,200,000, this was punishment and the drugs they used were not candies nor aspirin, and they in the end were not responsible for me finding a place as I did that on my own after the damage was already done unto me as between September 4, 2013 and October 1, 2016 that I was on the EXILE from society program that I was sentenced to for unspecified crimes I was basically held without logical reasoning ( except for the 88 days I served in Jail for 12 ( 911 ) calls)

I am going to go for now as I want to play on the streets and make a few of " my people" smile on this end of the month Monday as this is the start of the give 5 get 2 of playing the crazy game of " Named Days " they give the worker 2 off for 5 worked ( please can someone make sense of why rational human beings would do this ) besides being trained an conditioned in the school systems for 12-18 years then you do it for 40 more to retire and get the golden watch ( its a fake now ) lol

Later folks

Mad Hatter EXperience / Lucien

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