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May 4, 2022;` the Sheep For Get The Income To Screw Even As I Watch My Dear Mom Die Over 18 Year?

You killed me me now too as this is the end of of ME AS THE WHILE MAN IS DEAD But now You Killed me I wa never always made maybe in Thei SLEEP and I CAN'T do This no longer mater I see the end of ME

If You can afford to hlp me out out as I have s few bills to pays as I have a skill share member ship to pay and te email an the program has to pay

I have a knife a DNA a knife and I want t be dead

Called ELVIS AT 423-1234 (780 ) and ask him to sen d the money my way around as I want to be a servant in this

woken world ---- and I get to buy you shoes --- and the world kids---- and this ship is 3 things it is looker have was over OVER

I am only over and this is the end of me and I can no longer and this is studied fo seaways

Sed globes of BREAD TO =

Cause i can no longer do yji on mu own

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