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May 4, 2022:~ Elvis Just Called Me A LIAR As He Said "If Can Stop Smoking And Stay Quit From WEEDS"

I will help YOU and today he once again PULLED YOUR STILL Smoking WEEDS on me, and I have had 4 Joints since July 27, 2020 ( that is 1 year 9 months and 7 days ) and this was only because I ran out of Pharmacy Pills ( as they don't give me enough as it seems I am supposed to SUFFER for them as this shit makes them happy)

Now my Bus Pass is GONE and this is now 2 months in a ROW and I am trapped to get food ( as I can get to the store but hauling more than 1 small bag of food home is fucken hard as the pain always jumps to over a level 9+ and yes it sucks ) and he won't take calls from me so I have to go all over the City askin for a phone

No fu*KEN More as now I stick a KNIFE in my CHEST and lay in my TUB of Epson Salt water and take 4 -5 Imovane Sleeping Pills

C Below as I am not gettting FU&KED AROUND as This is the END and I am out of HERE NOW --- As this is BuLlShIt and has been

Why the hell would a country it seems atack an individual ( unless they WANT ME DEAD )

ELVIS = ELVIS IGINLA ( LAWYER ) wants me dead --- and I am dead and this is the Game and this is how it plays out as NO MORE as I am about to END THIS SHIT SHOW as thee end is here and I am NOW GOING TO HELL ( Catholic ) as when YOU get RAPED as a CHILD the best thing I can I do is KILLING MYSELF

When I was a kid I was supposed to suck it up and deal with it as a 8-9 year old kid and I will no more do this

I tried up to my last day to make people happy and this was all for YOU and THE GAME IS OVER I and I

I am never allowed to for the FIRST time and NO MORE a I can't do this shit up and I am a dead, and NOW IT IS OVER

I have nothing left

Children that GET RAPED BY PRIESTS should forever be LEFT ALONE TO SUFFER IN SILENCE ---- and today I say Good Bye to this world as this place is full of SINNERS and I do not FIT IN NO MORE

YOU TOOK EVERY THING from me a Chunk of my Left Lung, my Teeth with ZERO FREEZING and then the HEART SHAPED BEDSORE that The Dr A King and I now I refuse to be a PET / a TOY

Trapped in the world---- that shows no respect and Then You Find a LONELY One and the Cash Ringer goes off loud and and all the people come to destroy that one that tells the truth as he ( me ) has to be stopped as the truth is DANGEROUS as people could wake the fuck up

I am on a call with a NURSE awaiting he pension and he will likely be one of the last people I talk to -- and this all ENDS TODAY

YOU ALL HURT A INNOCENT MAN and for some of you it was for MONEY and you can never have enough of it and FOR ME I AM FINISHED as my life and world has turned against me ---

Elvis 780-423-1234 said I should stop smoking weeds and this was on e of of the few things I was still hanging on to ( it no longer matters ) to me as the WORLD is a LIE and the ELITE have been selling to us since before time itself

So I get to go HOME to the FATHER in HEAVEN and YOU ALL GET TO die in the places that THEY DREW UP FOR YOU

I quit, a fucken long time ago and this is the way it was designed for me

I am so damn high as I took about 30 plus pills and I am ready to die this time as THE SATAN IS YOURS TO DEAL WITH

The end is near for me and hell is hear for YOU all as this is over --- >

Mark just booked a session for next week and I told him I would NOT be here as this is my last day

I am so tired as I have been eating pills after pills and I just started on my stash of sleeping pills as THIS IS MY END

You know that this shit started when YOU ALL LOCKED ME IN ERC / JAIL for Mischief and I and I m done I finally --- I has no power as the FUCKEN CATHOLIC Church KILLED BOTH my DAD AND ME and likely Grandpa and Grandma and I know they KILLED MY MOTHER in 18 fucken long years like what the hell was MY MOMS CRIME

OH she becan unwll and skill people cost money way to much and 18 yeas was way to long and then you killed her alone as she had no one in her final days

I hate YOU ALL





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