May Confusion Be Your Epitaph

Sure as hell was mine all day, it started out I was a negative on the "swab" test then the mass hypnoses begun and my med team started seeing through fish eyes (actually they was hazmat suits) damn over kill

as it seem my results had vanished like a Criss Angel stunt on PBS but what the f*cK its only medical data who knows as maybe it was a hack by the Lithuanian group from New Jersey then again what the Hell was I under House arrest for a runny nose for anyways

Reality what you see Vs. what it is are far to often very different substances of the milk of magenta mind in which billions oof transactions are processed as fast as we think them

I am going to work on me over this next while as a Mentor of mine Mr. Jim Rohn basically summed it up like this

"When you work on your job, you can make a living, but when you work on yourself you can make a fortune"

Money is nice, but a Fortune sounds nicer (doesn't it?) :-)

I am going to scoot for now as I have two pair of glasses to find (wanna know why I can't find them? Well I can't see worth shit without them)

Night all

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