Medicated Goo And Planning An Walk =Naproxen 500mg @ 1015am

I need to venture out of the Penthouse today, as Steivia is close to gonzo that is the trip out the back door, to Save On, or out the front door to the PO to grab a few tubes of TEETH GLUE (don't laugh as the sadist dentist on June 22, 2o16 pulled 22 teeth out without freezing of any type) and if thinking about it gives you a rush of fear try living with ill fitting TEETH (okay) DENTURES since then and dropping from 201 #'s to 170 # between November 2, 2017 (dietitian can back these numbers up, and going to 170 on July 4, 2019) and I need weight and calories (any) and my damn TEETH don't eat solids well and my "Personal Physician" can't see this YET

It is data flow, once again between the dietitian office and the doctors office there is ZERO at all

This is why the health care budget eats up 50% of the provinces budget (no one knows what anyone else is doing) AMAZING

And the custodians of OUR DATA feel threatened by sharing (they were trained in our school system to not share) and old K-12 habits are hard to break

Were all trained wrong and we know it and everyone is sh*t scared to open their mouths as the loss of a good paycheck is REAL

Anyway Naproxen is in 500mg @ 1015am

Time to walk and maybe make a few people happy in my role as "The Mad Hatter" while I Design an EXPERIENCE for you all

Thank You All For the Kindnesses and LOVE YOU give me daily I am Blessed d to be of service to YOU ALL

God Bless

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