Medicated Goo And The Devil Girl, Ms. Payne And Honesty

The Devil Girl, Ms. Payne is kicking The Mad Hatters ass all over the place right now it is 6am and I have 1.5 hours till next shot of the 30mg Codeine and 1,000mg Tylenol and it is level 8+ on the 1-10 scale right now

Honesty would have me wait till 730am

The question is and this is a big question

Can I actually last that long?

70 minutes to go @ 620am

Can I make it?

the pills are right in front of me

Can I last? 70 minutes

60 minutes @ 627am

Hell why me?

starting to shake all over as this is so damn hard

my legs both hurt too (referred pain) it is called


45 minutes to go, just @ 644am had breakfast (I WILL NOT QUIT)


And I am going to die from this damn HOLY HOLE in my coccyx (tail bone) area, watch and see as she takes me out The Devil Girl, Ms. Payne

Breakfast was good and Simple thank you for the ideas J & A we need to get us all in the same room and sort ME OUT

I made smoothies for the day

30 minutes and the damn pain is killing me

@ 656am

@703am just fell over -- i am listening to everyone on THE TEAM and still i am drifting to hell in a grocery cart

27 minutes till meds

Why is this happening and why now?

5 mnutes to meds I am dizzy right now, scared and in level 8-9 (scale of 1-10) and I cant relax at all


take one for THE TEAM

I think I just did

727am and I taking the meds

30MG Codeine

1,000mg Tylenol

@ 729am

This last 1.5 hours was The Devil Girls, Ms. Payne's maybe I get it back later

and the smoothie was nice anyways

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