Mental Cancer And The Treatment ---- Volume 1. Issue 0.1

I needed to LOVE myself before they -the S.O.R. (Structure Of Reality) could begin and how this actually would / could / did occur is a mystery as it involves a total before the system I am in now as a "P.E.T." to the O.S.G. (OwnerShip Group) --This involves a trip mentally and physically into absolute "powerlessness" few enter this place as once in there is no out button at all / ever = Total Surrender 100% -- I entered in M.X.D. Cell 22 on April 22, 2014

They (and THEY) know who THEY are started this in 2010 (December 5) amazing to have history in this City --Amazing as anything as I started a blog as I was getting ready too quit cigarettes (hard core as I smoked 31 a day) and started talking about the L.S.D. project which is in these last few years become the L.S.D. ex. (experiment)

I would finally accept all the LOVE -- YOU ALL were sending my way on February 19, 2019 @ 8:44am exactly 44 years after my dad passed away and my heart darkened "for what seemed like eternity" (weird note) I was raised at 44 Gresham Blvd St Albert between 1961 and 1978 weird note

I was at the Edmonton Mental Health Clinic under the tutelage of Dr A P and with Addiction and Mental Health Services always being the "POOR RELATIVE" of Alberta Health Services (she had to make a move as I was on Invega Sustenna every 28 days (it is a 150mg injection) she made the MOVE to transfer me out as I was a mess as I had a massive 4cm x 4 cm x 1.5cm hole on my coccyx (tailbone) that needed more help that A.H.S. at 108st had a budget for the "CARE" that (THEY) envisioned i would need

So THEY moved me and the file out on March 6, 2019


More to follow as I am far to tired right now 1139pm (this is new) me tired

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