Mental Cancer And Treatments -- Volume 1 Version 0.02

It is slow -and then it is not as slow, as I told my various TEAMS "what if it [ the ultimate rescue program ] was / is (too little too late) then what?"

We can't just tell me I am not doing well as this would / could / should maybe even ruin the massive surprise

And do we really want to steal the funniest schizophrenic's best joke from him as "he knows more than he shows he knows"


I know I am dying

)And you are damn rights I am doing everything I can to die with a massive grin on my face, as this might be the last September 24, 2019 (( in my life time )) the only one I am going to ever see , only one that YOU ALL also are going to see (sense)

We chase money we chase illusions -- visions implanted by sh*t like T.V. sets (illusions) never t0 be true, for me or you

What do YOU ALL need, as my story that was Brilliantly outlined by Tekla Luchinski said we need

1) food

2) a roof (safe if possible)

3) medical care

see page 12

the rest of it is a total ridiculous LIE designed to KEEP YOU A "SLAVE" well FOREVER as

A gentleman known as Mr. S.K.

Told me in bits and bites (and I was slow to understand at first as I always 2006-2012 had a cell phone (smart? not so smart , I was still under her influence, the bottle as she was in her dying days as she was doing everything to her HOST body (ME) to not just DIE

Alcohols death is a very horrible event as she never just wants to let the HOSTS body go, for me [[[THEY]]] all sat back and watched as i went through isolated horrors for 201 days before [[THEY]] showed me some mercy and pretty much were forced to (KIDNAP) me from a dental chair in from of my HOME some 6 years 20 days ago bring my sobriety to 6 years, 7 months, 9 days, or 79 months 9 days or 2,412 days of freedom from that damn bottle that through A.U.D.. (Alcohol Use Disorder) kills a HUMAN BEING every 10 seconds on this incredible place I was allowed to be for 58 plus years EARTH

The sunset is beautiful this evening and one day -- well we all have a "one day" movie / drama running endlessly in our minds/ heads to help us deal with the illusions we succumb to on a endless basis


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