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The Government of Alberta contributed $1.325 million for Access 24/7, with AHS committing an additional $2.8 million for operational and staffing costs. The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and the Mental Health Foundation are providing an additional $1.1 million towards renovations, equipment, and peer and family support workers

Access made easier to addiction, mental health services

Royal Alex | POSTED: June 17, 2019


Patients and families with adult addiction and mental health concerns in the Edmonton area can now access services through a single point of contact. 

Access 24/7 is now open, providing in-person assessment, crisis outreach and stabilization around the clock, every day of the year. 

People seeking addiction and mental health supports can now go to Anderson Hall across from the Royal Alexandra Hospital emergency department, 10959 102 St. N.W. There, they can access walk-in, phone and outreach services, including information and referrals; support for individuals and families to navigate Alberta Health Services (AHS) and community services; consults to community providers; intervention and treatment. They can also access a wide variety of services through one telephone number: 780-424-2424.

“Albertans deserve the ability to access the services they need to help them recover and live healthy, productive lives,” said Jason Luan, Alberta’s Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions. “This one-of-a-kind site will make it easier to find and navigate addiction and mental health services that will support their long-term recovery. We will continue working with our partners to eliminate the barriers to recovery for every Alberta family.”

So for 34 years I am dumped on with massive medications and a lot of more meds, as I was never even told we had group / individual therapy (all I was given was meds lots of meds) and never offered rehab one time

And now I am a man down with a physical illness and guess what the schizophrenia did not go away but as

As for rehab I had to do it myself and my numbers speak for themselves

Weed stopped March 18, 2006 (screwed up with 5 grams in Sept 2018, caught it and stopped again) 4900 days = 13 years, 4 months, 30 days

Smoking (nicotine) stopped December 11, 2007 still quit at August 17/2019 = 11 years, 8 months, 6 days

Opiates from November 9, 2010 (needed T3s for pain management by doctor on January 3/2019) period between November 9/2010 and January 3/2019 = 9 years, 10 months, 6 days

Alcohol February 15/2013 to today August 16/2019 = 6 years, 6 months, 3 days

You all may have a bigger budget (but those are tax dollars and or donors cash) and I wonder if they knew that The Mad Hatter (that is Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote II) numbers look better and when one factors in that I have the worlds worst mental illness (schizophrenia) and still am

BOTH CLEAN AND SOBER and that all didn't cost the government a single dime

Am I Proud (Your Damn Rights) as normal (if there are any) people can't do what I have done

And now I am depressed? Cause I have three wounds in my damn coccyx *tail bone* ranging from 2.2cm to 6.5cm long -- and they hurt bad all the time

What The Mad Hatter can't get depressed it is not natural or is it?

And I have been flat out denied service at the AHS 24/7 Mental Health Service as I don't qualify and then they (staff) invent other rules to denies me service

Hey Jason Luan, Alberta’s Associate Minister of Mental Health, didn't you say this on June 17/2019? “Albertans deserve the ability to access the services they need to help them recover and live healthy, productive lives,"

Now Jason if you want to learn just how I was able to get BOTH CLEAN & SOBER and stay that way call me and we can talk -- no charge (You can find me if you want) in the mean time IAM CLEAN & SOBER and that is pretty much all that matters to me these days as this prize was hard fought for

FACIOTE FAMILIAL WINS -- YA I AM CLEAN & SOBER are you? want to be? then track me down

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