May 17 2020 Blog Post

I am so very, very sad as even though I was “allowed” to get out and few times and walk out 12,000+ steps = 6.3 KM I still was left with the emotion that I saw sadness and some pretty sad disbelief over the last few months as people are in shock still

Tonight I will go to bed soon and pray for those that lost their lives in this event this is the hardest even most of us people have ever experienced and I pray for the Souls That we all lost in this war

I do not know what else Father and Jesus Christ to do any more as this is something, we as a species have never seen before

I am sad as a Snowbird {Aerial Team} (maybe one of the ones that flew over my Home a few days ago just flew over and I am so Blessed lost his life along with a person on the ground

Sad Event

Teatime now:

I am sad at all the losses we as a population have undergone as we enter a “new normal”

I ask if you see me say a wee little prayer as you pass by

And at this I end this post

Thank You for the patients you give unto me as I attempt to grow into as a new male as I need to regrow again


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