Mindset Program V0.1

Mindset Program V0.1

What I am, I become

Thoughts turn into beliefs

What I think about I bring about

Our thoughts create our destiny

What I speak is what my life will become

Speak and feel positive affirmations

I am unstoppable

Pain come to me as I own you as you have no power other than that to which I give unto you

I own the pain in my body and will KILL IT as I am so much stronger than PAIN

IAM the only one holding my ass back

What is stopping me from my dreams?

50% of North Americans hate what they get up to do daily and yet they are trapped by invisible strings tying them to their reality

Do not listen to others that put and down grade me


IMAGINE what I can do now

I have a choice to see how far I can go

Do not stop EVER


I can’t change my past but I control my future NOW

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