Mirror Mask Shirt


Tonight the only thing I see is my mom and dad and baby in there arms awaiting a life that they would have basically no guidance in (They were to die before their only beloved son would become a teenager even as while we never see this, GOD sees everything)

Its 1204am October 25, 2019 and the last pain level is 9.5 and it was (has been there all evening) it messes with the thought process the organs)’

Eating (I get calls sometimes to remind me just to eat) I was reminded today (but I needed to walk 7.9 miles for food shit today) it was okay, but I am hurting ‘

Choices do I want to be average or above average (decided) as a lot of people do NOT want to be the best ‘

People *Good People* Keep asking me if I am going to harm myself (I can’t as it would just cause to many casualties s all over the damn place)

So nightly I suffer (In a few hours I get a get 500mg Tylenol) this is silly and makes zero sense as it is of the sins of my past by the chance I will live and not be destone d by this wound

I have been stigmatized all my life (crazy people are)

Lonely People too are stigmatized as (Mentally Ill) what with 7.5 BILLION of us if you can’t find a single person too be with it s crazy RIGHT

1223am GOD the Pain is Brutal This Morning Brutal

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