Modern day Alchemy or the unleashing of a Mind Parasite

The truth be told it wasn't supposed to well work this way at all. But in the hands of a Magician / Wizard as I have been called on multiple occasions strangeness had to occur as it was almost like it was mandated by the Gods themselves

Who knew a skinny Italian boy would rise to the call along before he actually did long before Key' Lo IV was

Designed in the Factory of "my mind" in a 10x 12 prison cell in North East Edmonton Alberta doing hard time (23 hours a day in a cell) for 12/911 calls

Hell the pizza sauce was all wrong (long story) one day I will talk about it as it traumatized me (the sauce not jail) :-)

I most definitely was Designed by God as who else would screw up so much and still pull it off God only God:

I had lawyers saying DO NOT do the walking down the street and waving at people in a big hat,

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