Ms Payne, Balls, Bullies, Cops, And Emily

Hey Emily I am calling you out as -- surely you are as not as cold hearted as to not realize my call plan with my Mental Health Team is as impotent as well soaked pasta at 1013pm when my "TEAM" works Business Hours, but you use you time sitting there to answer your TEXT messages (assumption on my part) and not wanting to deal with me a client that OVERDOSED less than 24 hours ago and was unable to connect with my TEAM as a result (but it is my fault right EMILY) AND I am calling YOU OUT tonight by name as I have a voice in the community and yes I am a total __ __ CK-EN mess but that is why we as a society created your job at 780-424-2424 (as even at $40,000-$60,000 a year it is still cheaper than me running to a ER when I am in self- destruction mode) as YOU ALL invent the rules to avoid doing the J.O.B.S.created for you:

Officers Angela and Eric were already here 1x today and a little background can be found by reading this blog as the pain I am in is as real, as it gets as three (3) Sinus Tract Wounds at July 23, 2019 were 2.1 cm, 2 cm and 6.5cm (imagine a paper cut 2cm for 10 months (today is the anniversary of the discovery of a hole the size of a damn dime that got so bad we had to operate on) And attempt to think of the damn pain (okay? NOW DOUBLE IT!!!)

But EMILY tonight you used the "PASS THE DESK MODE" at 1015pm when there are ZERO / SHIT Mental Health Services availability to me but this only goes to show the coldness in YOUR VERY HEART

And if tonight is my last night I see a dim light shinning upon you and your people for being as judgemental as you are with a man that is "lost and walking straight into hell" I am hopefully never coming back,

This is no reflection on MY TEAM that has attempted a "MIRACLE" too pull me back from the last 34 years of EMILY'S as it reflects on the

Mental Health STIGMA that will as it seem never be deleted from the memory banks of some of the people till being "ALLOWED" TO WORK with the Provinces and City's most vulnerable as I did SHIT WRONG as I got sick


But I fear for the people that DO NOT HAVE A VOICE in the community as for them my heart and prayers extend (along with their families)

And all of this didn't need to happen as all I needed was a wee bit of empathy (EMILY/EMPATHY) close eh?

Good Night Still To Come The Goo Times as we bring aboard another the 4th med change in less than a month (hell I am a schizophrenic he can do it with or without community support) __ __ CK IT

lets treat him (ME) Like a damn "test tube" WHY NOT??? Hell IT IS FUN -- for us and we only have to send the Police for a few minute a day as we FUCK with his (MINE) MIND

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