My Life's An Altered State -- James

What's It All About? --- This last 440 days or 14 months 14 days have been incredible I have been UP & I have been In the Ground too HELL -- I have experienced -- But I ate! (it might be mostly "liquefied" but it is food (damn dentures) we need to get a

Save The Light fund going to get the implants a EMS tech suggested

Just did the micro chemical package (ok it was my shrink meds) for my bed time (it turns out the "old science" from 2013 was right still and we shouldn't mix Opiates (Okay) Suboxone with the shrink meds

Then I get shit as I am not being a (GOOD) mental patient as even when they have NO power over me and my personal FREEDOM --Their Power is SCARY as I am alone here and I have had some horrible ACTS performed me on my MIND AND BODY since I was ALLOWED to get sober - the biggest GIFT i have ever been GIVEN --- AS it has given me my life back

But I saw a girl yesterday and she seemed "lost in a lost world" and on one of the hardest drugs I have had to get clean of myself "METHADONE" as from the "plant" of the thought of FREEDOM to the actualization of my personal liberation took some 209 days ---- between April 16/2010 to Nov 9/2010 and

In the last 440 days I have seen 12 deads (humans and I have seen wealthy die as fast and with as much as pain as the poor)

I owe Dr A Patel my LIFE for hooking me up with my current MHT (Mental Health Team)

I owe the half dozen Behavioral Contracts /Slave Contracts hanging over my head with all breaths I am allowed to take in

I have the worlds worst Mental Heath Challenge (for both the individuals and communitys) to manage and deal with in a "humane way" as this sucker Schizophrenia doesn't end as it is 24/7 x 365 (hey I don't get NO daze off) at all

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