My Treatment Program At Day 19

Treatment for me began after some 34 long years ago and many doctors, that I have seen since I was set upon this intriguing planet we currently call "our home" and will be until we figure away off

Today I bumped into one of my "new" friends, who likes to bring me cookies which are very good and nice too. I also walked into a buddy from AHE who was off to a program the system runs to teach us life skills and this is a GOOD thing also as Mental Challenges are so very hard to combat that it takes a whole country (province / city) to build walls around the

person so that he can get some form of protection

Today I was told my wound *according* to a document was ((superficial)) ok so why am I in horrible pain and walkijng bent over??

This changes everything and mainly my personal pain and suffering (you see the client that is me doesn't always have access to this type of data to see, or people in the flow of data, thanks to the "TEAMS")

Chase the money

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