My Weekly Challenges -- Today My Promises To The Team

I woke in pain again @ 630am (level 7-8+) and took my Big Pharma Meds -- The Agency and Ownership Group -O.S.G. prefers I do not "self medicate" like I used to in "the day"

It at times makes sad at times, but its now 818am and "my" pain (levels are 3-4) and I am so very grateful -- As for months, at a time this year I was stuck in (level 8-9.5), pain and was seriously planning on my END -- I still get those thoughts (OFTEN) way, way to often

It / the pain and especially my reaction and behavior (SUICIDAL) threats are stressing everyone around me out

And so I am doing this publicly

I Lucien *******, will work harder than I have ever attempted to NO LONGER call a Crisis Line for the next 8 days


I will also follow Dr G "orders" and reduce my walking from 8-9 miles a day to 3-5 miles

I will listen to ( J ) and reduce the "opiate" (ok) Orange Pekoe tea to just 1 cup in the morning, and limited honey in the herbal (decafe) the rest of the day, I will also log all the foods I eat in the diet/exercise program as I consume them

I will follow all 4 Slave / Behavioral Contracts to my best ability

God / Jesus

Help ME Please

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