"My (world) on the outside of [ The White Picket Fence ]"

After spending my first 14 years on the "inside" of [ The White Picket Fence ] was I in for a very, very rude awakening -- we build { White Picket Fences ] around everything we do, from our cubicle at the office *Les Nessman* style WKRP in Cincinnati who was famous for his use of his duct tape walls all the way to how we design cities the fences we build arund our homes to the border we need to have between the food at the checkout at the grocer

I am ""allowed" now to live gratuitously on the "outside" of [ The White Picket Fence ] mind you and this does take a mind, as we need to be open to shared expanses of the mind itself

Then again I don't actually live in a real world now do I? Or do I? Who says? Who determined my world is not the world of the MIND itself?

Better question? Can YOU come out from behind YOUR [ White Picket Fence ] to play as I get recess soon and get lonely at times when all the adults are at work doing (adult things)

Have "recess" today instead of a coffee break and "bark at the moon" -- Thanks Ozzy

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