Named The ALARM Clock

Alarm clock has become known as "Piss Me Off" __ __ ___ ___ ALARM Clock

I swear it was 6am (you can't make this stuff up) and It went AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and woke the hell of earth up

People that can do this arrangement for 40 years are either the most incredible WARRIORS or are Insane as ---

it was 6am and a devise made in a place i have yet to travel was pretty much ordering me around -- Master // Mistress / Slave // Servant roles

it wouldn't have been as bad if it was maybe 10am or noon but what the hell is anyone doig at 6am

And please don't tell me that other people are cooking breakfast

__ __ CK 6am

maybe it would have been easier if i put my coloring crayons away before 2am lol

6am what ever

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