No One To Pay A Kings Ransom - Day 2,159 Of My Kidnapping

This "little" misguided adventure is over the $1,000,000 mark and I still haven't yet been allowed to go HOME

Kind of amazing, as even this wound has cost just for hospital for the 47 days I was at the Covenant Health Groups Misericorda Hospital over $100,000 and the results have been terrible as I still have three holes in my body that shouldn't be there and there is just no end of this wound treatment in sight

Maybe if I could go HOME or even closer to my old HOME it would aid in healing of my body and maybe even of my mind

I once a very long time ago (before this insanity) lived on 88 Street and Jasper Ave in Edmonton and everything was well until I actually stopped drinking

One would think that stopping drinking would be a positive but for me sobriety turned into my worst ever nightmare ever, as I have been forced to be homeless, been locked in jail cells for days on end only allowed out for a single hour and having no other human contact (hey this is good for a schizophrenic) __ __ CK You people are geniuses lets drive a crazy man insane and see what happens

Hey that was 2013/2014 and i am still damn well sober (as i DECIDED to be) '


and be grateful i am still willing to even deal after the 37 months of brutality against me and my mind and body and soul with God all things are possible

YOU will remember my name Lucien Faciote for a long time


I was a innocent drunk (somewhat)

Okay a little

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