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November 11, 2021:~ Once Upon A Time, Deep In The Mind Of The Mad Hatter Experience Was " A " Boy

Well could you see me as a child like shit I stopped being " A " Boy on February 19, 1975... at about 11:30PM the night of the Phone Call That Changed MY Life and MY World totally and I was a tiny little creature who was raised in a Sheltered Period as I was a Kid and I didn't do much of the shit the other kids did as when the hell was I ever going to find the time as I had only a few friends as my Mom & my Dad decided my life path long, long time before I was born... as I was GOING TO BE A GREAT TEACHER .... what else would I be this was now up to me and I drifted away from the SKILLS TRAINING MY PARENTS STARTED ME ON very early on in my childhood... BTW that Phone Call was from the City Of Edmonton Police Service and my Hero, Superman, my Coach in LIFE was DEAD and I would have to process all of this on my own as I then had NO ONE IN MY CORNER

NO ONE .... Loneliness would set in a now dark place that I would not understand as where did he go, and I was LOST and I was 14 for 15 days and I attempted TO UNDERSTAND all of this and there was no where to go

Welcome to the END of The World As I Knew IT, damn it

I gotta go this post is too damn hard right now


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