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November 12, 2021:~ Where Will YOU BE In YOUR Future? As YOU Will Be In YOUR FUTURE :-)

Over the last two day's I was capable and I was allowed to RISE again as I was so far down today I am BORN ANEW as my deal with God was that if he got me out of the Jail Cage I found myself in on April 22, 2014 that I would Serve Him & Humanity until I was allowed to return home to The Father & The Son

I have been hangin out on the Streets of Edmonton trying to figure some stuff out since I returned from my exile to the Programming Machine ( it exists and I have been there and some how with Gods & Your Assistance I returned from the Machine ) however it then looked like I was still not out of the woods yet as the Mad Hatter Experience began on September 12, 2017 when I clicked the Buy Button on Amazon, and began my journey HOME and you should see my HOME ( thank You All For Allowing Me This ) I am very Grateful and Humbled Thank YOU ALL -- Thank YOU GOD

You know I we all have so many, many gifts to share with each other and the planet as this tinny small spinning dot is our collective HOME, all we NOW NEED to DO is refurbish a planet.. and with the Actors On The Collective Global Stages


The time is now and I seem to be one of the ancient ones as I have seen some of the same stuff before as there is really nothing to do that hasn't been done and we have so much as we now have the means and the Tools & Technologies the T&T

To do it, and a human species we have very few options as if we allow the stuff we are now doing to continue I thing that well we ( how to say this ) Be FCUKED

Now I am will to die as I have been here for a big chunk of time but I see

Kids & Children ( And We Are All Gods Children )

Running around in their Horseless Carriages ( see told ya I was an Ancient One ) and when they drive by I see into the peoples eyes and I see many people that are sad, alone and living in fear, I also see Hope and Wonderment when they See The Man With The Hat, and as the motto is

It Is All In The Hat

Not all as I had ( was requested ) to save a little for the

Celebration Of Mankind on Earth ( C.O.M.E. )

And Smile & Enjoy The Life You Have Been Given as the GIFT that IT Truly IS

Have a Fantastic Day And Well - C.O.M.E, Home People Of The Earth


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