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November 2, 2021:~ This is it as I have been getting knocked around by the forces around me

Hey these people pretend they are a friend only to back stab me as we walk down the path -- I was lucky tonight that a long term ( not time ) friend saw what was occurring and he pulled me out from under the rock

I just finished a short book off called -- Healing for Christians who have been Crucified by Christians by Gene Edwards and it was like I am not the only one that this has ever occurred to as this shit goes on a lot more than most Christians want us non believers to know about ( and a lot of people no longer read with Netflix and the other Streaming Services )

This is REX on of my Favorite NFT's I was able to grab up this year

I have been pushed around somewhat this last past few last months of my ET ( Earth Time )

I now have moved them to the side as I was going to invest my days in teaching that

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